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Fun Matchers is a high value app that helps pre-learners practice their problem solving skills in Math, Spelling, Reading, and General Knowledge as they play a wide variety of fun matching games.

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Available on the App Store

Fun Matchers is an all-inclusive education app for children in Kindergarten and First Grade. With a total of 45 fun activities within three levels increasing in difficulty, this app gives children a head start on their Math, Reading, English, and Reasoning skills as they play a series of unique matching games.

Each activity has two sets of items that must be matched up and encourages children to put their problem solving skills to work. For instance, one matching activity is to match a picture of an item with the first letter of that same item. This is only one example of the diverse set of matching activities to enjoy, other activities include practice with sentence completion, contractions, letter and color recognition, roman numerals, fractions, and so much more.

Overall, this diverse app is a great way to jump-start your child’s learning, or to use as practice for your little one already in school.

Features include:

  • 45 fun matching activities
  • Diverse subject matter in Math, Reading, English, and Reasoning
  • User-friendly interface

The primary function of this application is educational in nature, so there is not the typical flashy animation that you might see in an entertainment app. With that said the illustrations are very clear with vibrant colors, and the music, while simple, is conducive to learning and solving problems as users complete each matching game.

There are various pictures throughout the app that that are done very well and help children easily identify each illustration so they can complete the match successfully. The many diverse activities within this app are also very well planned and executed. It is clear that a lot of thought went into the type of activities that would be most beneficial to early learners as each matching game has a good balance of usability and challenge.

While most of the illustrations are large enough to easily complete the activity, there is one where the object is to match the lady bug’s spots with a corresponding number and in some cases the dots are so small it is hard to get a good count. Other than that one small item, this app is of good quality.

This is one of the most diverse and all-inclusive education applications for early learners I have seen. Children have many opportunities to apply their problem solving skills in a wide variety of ways as they practice counting, matching colors and shapes, picture-word matching, roman numerals, fractions, etc., and there are so many activities in this one application that children are not going to get bored.

One of the highlights of this app is also the ability to repeat each activity so children can go back and redo the activities that they may need to practice a bit more. If parents are looking for an application to get a head start on learning for their little one, this is the perfect app.

Since the primary function of this application is education in nature, there isn’t a lot of entertainment value for children. But even without the added bells and whistles there is enough variety within each matching game that children aren’t likely to get bored.

Parents will certainly enjoy the price of this application when they see the diverse learning opportunities for their little one. For less than $2, children have access to 45 different learning activities that will enhance their problem solving skills and help them succeed in school. Add to that the ability for children to play and re-play the matching games for practice and you have an incredibly diverse and long-lasting educational app for next to nothing. And for parents looking to get the most bang for their buck, this is one app you don’t want to miss out on.

The simplicity involved in a matching game coupled with challenging and engaging learning activities makes this app incredibly child-friendly. There are no distracting pictures, ads, or music that will take the focus away from the learning activities and while each activity includes matching in a new way, the set-up is the same allowing children to know what to expect. The interface is also very easy to use with a simple drag and drop method to match each item and limits the likelihood that children will get frustrated with the mechanics.

The instructions for each activity are only available in text format and for some readers it could be a challenge. Adding an audio option would enhance this portion of the app and would allow pre-readers to use the app as well.

Available on the App Store