Fun Snow Activities For Kids

Winter may be a dreary time, but if there’s plenty of snow on the ground, there’s lots of opportunities for your kids to have fun. Use the following ideas to plan snow-tastic days for the younglings–just make sure they bundle up!

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Sea Of Snowmen

Encourage the kids to make not just one, but a glittering-white sea of snowmen. Help them create snowmen of different shapes and sizes. Make fat snowmen and skinny snowmen, short snowmen and tall snowmen, those with smiley and frown-y faces, ones with rock noses and carrot noses, and don’t forget to use an assortment of hats and other accessories. Get as creative as you want–your kids will likely come up with lots of great ideas!

Snow Animals

Before you grab your snow thrower, make snow animals, angels and people. This usually takes a greater degree of skill than snowmen, however, it makes for a very fun time! Build snow dogs and cats, fish, birds, and anything else your kids want to try. You could very well end up with a menagerie of snow animals!

Snow Forts

Build various snow forts around your yard ideal for snowball fights. Help your kids create two forts on opposite ends of the yard, or help them each make their own forts. Whatever you decide, be sure to get in on the snowball fight fun!

Snow Art

Use food coloring to make snow art. Have the kids make snow angels or any other designs they want in the snow, then use food coloring to dye the white stuff. Make a snow rainbow if you want with all the food coloring you have!

Try these and other snow activities with your kids this year–keep in mind compact snow is best! Have fun, and emphasize the importance of changing out of wet clothes to your kids. They don’t want to end up sick because they spent too many hours in snow-soaked clothing!