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GazziliShapes is a reasonably priced app that offers six levels of activities for your child to learn their shapes, while also improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

One level must be completed prior to progressing to the next. At the end of each level, the child is rewarded with a picture piece. The picture will then be complete after all of the levels have been completed.

The app design is very kid-friendly; it’s intuitive, has lively music, narration is easy to understand, volume level is consistent throughout and the colors are vibrant. The characters in the app are very cute. The levels offer enough variety that kids will not get bored.

Two additional design features I really liked about this app are; one, the required shapes for the level are shown in the lower left side of the screen with each shape containing the number needing to be used or found; and two, the review at the end of each level. The narrator repeats the shapes and the number of each shape found or used, while showing them on the screen.

The app settings offer options for sound, music, instructions and Twitter. Personally, I do not like to see Twitter or Facebook options so easily accessible in a children’s app. I would suggest turning this option off. The button is in an area where the child could easily access it. There is a separate section where sharing by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter is available. That option is nicely tucked away on the menu.

GazziliShapes offers a good combination of learning and entertainment at a reasonable price. The social sharing & networking needs to be hidden from children.


EDITOR’S NOTE: At BestAppsForKids.com we strongly believe that social sharing and networking is a feature that should only be accessible to parents. As much as this is a great app, we cannot give it a full 5 stars for this reason.
GazziliShapes is a wonderful, forward-thinking App that combines today’s cutting-edge technology with essential Preschool curriculum. Learning about shapes has never been this fun!
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