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Review Summary:

Gorilla Band is an innovative storybook app with fun music and 3D interactive illustrations that will entertain the little music-lover in your house.

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Gorilla Band is an innovative storybook app with fun music and 3D interactive illustrations that will entertain the little music-lover in your house.

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Available on the App Store


Gorilla Band is a unique book app full of 3D graphics, music, and a rhyming story that children will enjoy. As the story progresses, children are encouraged to tap various characters to play their instruments as the gorilla band is formed and at the end the Gorilla Band performs their first song.

Features include:

  • Narration options
  • Text highlighting
  • 3D interactive illustrations
  • Music game activity


Overall, Gorilla Band has a good quality rhyming story and interactive illustrations as well as fun music that accompanies each page. The animated 3D gorillas that play various instruments are a nice way to bring the story to life and give children a unique digital book app to enjoy.

While the 3D graphics and animations were a good idea, they don’t present well or run very smoothly in the app. The animated movement is also a little choppy and while children may not notice, it doesn’t show as well as parents might expect in this type of app. With that said, overall this app does have a good concept, music, and narration that children will enjoy.


As with many digital storybook apps, this app includes narration options along with highlighted text for children to follow along with, allowing them to work on their reading skills. They also have the opportunity to learn about various musical instruments as well. As each gorilla is added to the band, children are exposed to a new instrument such as the piano, guitar, drums, violin, saxophone, etc and their corresponding sounds.

The additional “studio game” also allows children to test their knowledge of various instruments and the sounds they make. Players are provided with either a name of the instrument or the sound and they must tap the correct instrument. This added activity is not only fun, but also educational and is great for little ones with an affinity for music/musical instruments as well.


Gorilla Band is not only educational, but the story and additional activities are also very entertaining. The 3D illustrations and interactive features coincide with the story allowing children to get involved in order to bring the story to life. The end of the story brings a performance of the band playing the “Gorilla Band Song” with words for children to follow along karaoke-style. The game and the additional song provide two more ways for children to enjoy this app in addition to the story.


It’s always nice to find storybook apps that have more than just the story to keep children entertained and when an app like that has a special introductory price of just under a dollar, it’s even better. For a limited time Gorilla Band is offered for $0.99, which is a great deal and parents interested in this app will want to take full advantage of this special price.

The regular price for Gorilla Band is priced a bit higher at $3.99 and might be more than some parents are willing to pay considering the quality of the 3D images. With that said if parents are able to get it at the introductory price it is well worth the cost.

Child Friendliness

For the most part this app is easy to use and children will have no problem moving through the story with the narration options and text-highlighting features. The additional songs and games are also pretty intuitive and children of all ages are able to enjoy these items with ease. Developers have also done a nice job protecting the “for parents” page that includes the developer website, other apps, and various social media links by asking players to tap and hold the button for a certain amount of time. Protecting these areas of the app is great especially when young children are enjoying the app alone.

With that said there are a few areas that may be frustrating for children as they play. In the “extras” page there is an option to “Watch Gorilla Dance”. This button is protected in the same way the parents section is protected, however it is also included in the same area as the game and other songs. If successfully opened it will give children the option of opening a link to a YouTube video of a gorilla dancing. The dance itself would be a good addition to the extra features section, however finding a way to include it in the app without going to YouTube or protecting it might be a better way to utilize this fun feature.

Another area of concern is the last page of the story that lists a variety of links, many of which are protected. This can also get frustrating for children that want replay the story. It would be a good idea to instead take readers back to the home page as opposed to the list of links that are difficult to access.

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Gorilla Band is an innovative storybook app with fun music and 3D interactive illustrations that will entertain the little music-lover in your house.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars