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Solve 2D puzzles before you run out of time and/or moves with Griddle Speed Puzzle.

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Exercise your brain by solving unique challenges in Griddle Speed Puzzles. This brain-boosting puzzle game has kids re-arrange shapes to complete a series of puzzles. As kids play, the puzzles increase in difficulty, which means their brains get even more of a workout.

Features include:

  • Solve puzzles
  • Think strategically
  • Play different modes
  • Earn points


This 2D puzzle game features multiple modes of play. Kids an select a mode on the main page. Kids can also access the settings section and store from the same screen. In the settings section, kids can select from one of seven languages, as well as control the sounds and notifications.


The puzzles found within the game present a unique challenge for kids. Not only must kids place the tiles correctly, but they must pay attention to how the tiles move on the grid, similar to how different rows move together on a Rubik’s cube. This requires a lot of creative and logical thinking.


Kids can choose from two modes of play: Time Attack and Moves Challenge. In Time Attack, kids must solve the puzzle before time runs out. In Moves Challenge, they have a certain amount of moves in which to solve the puzzle. As kids play, they can use their cards to add additional time on the clock. They can also unlock new levels by completing a level.


The app is free to download and kids can play through the puzzles without making a purchase. Additional boost ups can be purchased through the app, but they are not required to play the games.

Child Friendliness

A rate us button appears near the bottom of the main screen. Kids also have access to the app’s store which allows them to purchase boost up packages ranging from $0.99 to $11.99. Neither of these features is protected by a parental block.

  • NO third party ads
  • NO more apps
  • YES rate us (unprotected)
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Solve 2D puzzles before you run out of time and/or moves with Griddle Speed Puzzle.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars