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Heroki is a fabulous video game-like app with gorgeous visuals, lots of challenging levels, and an adventurous story weaved throughout that children will love.

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Heroki is an incredible app that plays like a video game without the expensive gaming console that children are going to love. With incredible 3D visuals, challenging game objectives, and multiple levels to work through, this app offers over 10 hours of playing time and endless fun. Best for children ages 9 and up, this app is sure to quickly become a family favorite.

Features include:

  • Gorgeous 3D visuals
  • 4 Worlds to explore
  • Video game concept


The first thing you notice in this app are the beautifully crafted 3D illustrations and images throughout. Each world is full of vibrant colors, fairy-tale settings, and whimsical images that children are going to love! The simple background music and sound effects add to the overall experience, though there isn’t an option to narrate the dialogue between characters. Since the app is aimed at children ages 9+, there shouldn’t be a problem with reading through the instructions and dialogue as players play.

Heroki is very much like a video game and requires a bit of learning how to maneuver through the challenges and the developers have included a brief instructional section at the beginning of the app to help players. Even with the instructions, it does require some getting used to as players move through the various levels and worlds. Overall though, this app is very well done!


Not rated for education.


From an entertainment standpoint, Heroki is fabulous! With a variety of levels over four different worlds, players have over 10 hours of playing time to defeat unique characters and to meet various challenges. Similar to other video games there are coins to collect, prizes to collect, and secret missions to complete in order to complete the game and with that comes a ton of fun. Children who are partial to regular video games are going to love this app because it’s like a mobile version that they can take anywhere and with high scores and other markers to watch their progress versus others playing the game players can continue to play to beat their previous scores.


Heroki is priced a bit higher than most other gaming apps out right now, but when you consider what you might pay for a regular video game with a console, this is a great deal. Priced at just under eight dollars, it might be more than some parents want to pay for an app, but with over 10 hours of playing time, lots of great visuals and challenges for children to enjoy it is absolutely worth the price.

Child Friendliness

After playing with the app a bit, children will have no problem learning how to maneuver through the levels with ease. It does take a bit of getting used to in terms of how to move Heroki and to control his movements, however after a few plays and moving through the brief instructional section, children will have no problem. Parents will also want to note that this app is designed for children ages 9+ and may be especially difficult for pre-readers since there are several places with dialogue and no narration including the instruction section.

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Heroki is a fabulous video game-like app with gorgeous visuals, lots of challenging levels, and an adventurous story weaved throughout that children will love.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars