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A great holiday classic that children will love having in digital form. Lots of great lively narration and an easy to use interface.

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas is another lovely story book app from Oceanhouse Media that tells a classic holiday tale with lots of features children will enjoy. With simple snow animation throughout the app and fun sound effects to keep children interested, this is one app kids will love well past the holiday season.

Features include:

  • Narration options (Read to me, Read to myself)
  • Easy to use
  • Text Highlighting
  • Voice record


Oceanhouse Media always creates apps that include high quality illustrations and sound effects and this app is no different. With an easy to use interface and a variety of ways to use it with the narration options, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is very well done and one that even small children can enjoy easily.


It is always nice to see story book apps with features that allow children to practice their reading skills and learn new vocabulary. This is one of those great apps. With text highlighting and a variety of narration options (including read to me, read to myself, & autoplay), children can practice following along as they read the story to themselves. There is also a feature that allows you to tap on the words or illustrations to see the word appear on the screen which is great for learning new vocabulary words. Overall this is a great app for children of all ages.


A classic story like this one is already very entertaining, but when you add to it the lively narration it makes it even more so. While there aren’t any additional games or activities included in the app, children are still going to enjoy the story and simple interactive illustrations throughout.


Priced at just under five dollars, this app is priced in line with many other story book apps out there. There are a lot of additional options for narration, voice record, text highlighting etc. that make for a good value. With that said it would be nice to have an additional activity or game to add a bit more value.

Child Friendliness

Easy to use and with lots of options (including a page selector) this app has a very intuitive user interface making it easy to use for children of all ages. With simple swipe functioning to move from one page to the next, children will have no problem playing the app. The narration options and text highlighting also make it easy to use for young children.

Parents will be happy to know there are no social media links or in app purchases be concerned about. There are however, advertisements for other apps by the developer on the main page as well as at the end of the story, however these buttons are protected. There are also additional information and parent areas that are protected as well. Parents will also want to know that there is a pop-up for rating the app at the end of the story. The button is protected, however having it pop-up in an area that children will see it isn’t ideal. It should be moved to the parents area as opposed to a pop-up.

A great holiday classic that children will love having in digital form. Lots of great lively narration and an easy to use interface.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars