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Another great rhyming classic by Dr. Seuss, Hunches in Bunches is a fun story about a boy who just can’t make up his mind as different hunches pull him in different directions. A great addition to your digital library.

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Available on the App Store

Hunches in Bunches is another one of Oceanhouse Media’s wonderful digital books with the traditional rhyming we have come to love by Dr. Seuss. This fun story tells the tale of a boy who becomes bored and just doesn’t know what to do with himself, that is until he is met by a bunch of ideas or Hunches. These Hunches tug and pull him in various directions as they trying to cure his boredom with different tasks like doing his homework, playing outside, or walking in circles, until he finally follows the best hunch of all, the Munch Hunch.

Features include:

  • “Read to me” and “Read to myself” narration options
  • Voice record feature
  • Word pop up on illustrations
  • Text highlighting

As expected Hunches in Bunches has wonderful illustrations identical to the hard copy book only this edition has added audio and music to enhance the experience. While this digital book isn’t animated like some, it does have some areas where the focus zooms in on the illustrations making it a bit more engaging than just simply reading through it.

It also offers the tap and touch word pop ups on the illustrations that creates an interactive component for children. When using the “Read to Me” option, the audio includes an animated narrator who uses fun voices for each of the Hunches and adds a nice touch to the story. Another added feature is the ability to view all of the pages from the bottom options tab that allows you to move to a specific page in the story. This is also the area where you can go back to the home page or utilize the voice record option.

As always, Oceanhouse Media delivers a wonderful e-book with a classic story in an easy to use app.

Hunches in Bunches offers various narration options that allow children to listen to the story, read through it themselves, or to record their own voice (or the voice of a parent) and share with others. These options allow children to practice their reading skills as well as provides an opportunity to learn new words as they follow along with the text highlighting. It also offers tap and read illustrations that will allow young children to learn new words throughout the book as well.

While this particular e-book doesn’t have any games within the story, it will engage and delight children who already love Dr. Seuss books with the fun words and rhyming throughout. The interactive tap and read illustrations also help to keep children engaged in the story as they read.

It would be nice to have an added entertainment feature to shake things up a bit since many e-books are including games, puzzles, and other activities to give kids more to do, but even without them this e-book does provide an entertaining story children will love.

This digital book has a lot to offer in quality and education with the reading options and fun illustrations. While the entertainment value could be improved a bit, the price seems to fall in line with many other digital books that are available now and when you compare purchasing the hard copy book, you are getting a great deal for a Dr. Seuss story.

Oceanhouse Media always does a nice job at making their digital books easy to use for children. By simply swiping their finger across the screen they can turn the page and by tapping on the illustrations the pop up words appear. The intuitive interface is really great for younger users as there is an auto-play option that allows the book to come to life and turn pages without any interaction at all.

A few things for parents to keep in mind though are the in app purchases. On the main page there is a link that will show you other Dr. Seuss books that are available for purchase as well as an advertisement in the top corner for another app for purchase. There are also social media links on the “Apps” button to be aware of and while these options are not available within the story itself, it is something to note.

Another thing parents might want to be aware of is some of the language in the story. Words like “dumb” and “dunce” are used and depending on how you feel about your child reading or using those words, that might be something be aware of as well.

Available on the App Store