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The iLearnWith program by Tribal Nova is a series of game based iPad apps designed to prepare 3-6 year olds for school. Science, language, literacy and math are included in the iLearnWith program. The iLearn with Boing: Ice Land Adventures specifically covers the literacy curriculum; letters, phonics and words.

Ice Land Adventures is broken down into three games that allow the child to interact with bears, penguins and seals. In the Bears game children will match bears and slides using upper and lower case letters. The Penguins game has the child throwing snowballs at the penguins, but not just any penguin. They must hit the one with the correct combination of vowels and consonants forming the desired syllable. The Penguins game has a single or two-player option. In the Seals game, seals with letter hats need to be placed in the correct order to form a word. Games are timed.

Children are rewarded with gifts as they complete games. The gifts can be played with in the iLearn With – Planet Boing app, which is a free app to download.

Up to four user profiles can be created and parents are able to track each child’s progress. A detailed summary of their progress is available, including how they compare to other children their age. The app adjusts the levels of difficulty based on the child’s performance and will recommend a personalized learning path.

Children will find themselves completely engrossed in playing the educational games and will probably not notice they are learning valuable skills along the way. All of the design details make for a captivating environment; cheery music, vibrant colors, adorable characters, and a child’s voice used for narration.

The app is intuitive and easy to use; however, if you plan to use the tracking features and want your child to be able to play with their gifts in the iLearn With – Planet Boing app, be sure to take the time to customize the app and download the free app prior to letting your child play. You will want to show the child which buttons are for them to use and which ones are for parents. The tracking progress buttons are not protected, nor is the ability for the child to exit Ice Land Adventures and go to the Planet app.

Bottom line

This literacy app is part of a multiple app school readiness program that offers detailed tracking for parents and endless hours of fun for kids. Some setup may be required prior to handing the app over to the kids.
Key features
This app is part of the iLearnWith program for kids 3 to 6 designed to get your child ready for school while having fun!

•Cross curricular game- based learning program for kids 3 to 6 in math, science, literacy and more

•Self- adjusting levels of difficulty

•Unique progress tracker for parents

•Detailed success stats for your child that can be compared with
children the same age

•Recommended learning path personalized for your child

•27 fun rewards and medals to motivate your child to learn

•Designed with educational and child development experts


Game 1 – The Bears!: Help each bear find the right slide and build up giant ice cream cones b by matching lower-case and upper-case letters, then recognize letter names.

Game 2 – The Penguins!: Compose syllables by combining vowels and consonants in a fun new way by throwing snow balls to at the penguins. Includes a two-player mode for parent-child or peer-to-peer gameplay.

Game 3 – The Seals! : Spell words by placing seals with letters hats in the correct order on a mysterious iceberg…

Primary skill taught

Literacy: Reading/Writing – Letters, phonics and words.
– Letters: Learn upper-case and lower-case letters as well as their names.

– Phonics: Compose Form syllables by combining vowels and consonants.

– Words: Spell words by placing letters in the correct order.

Secondary skills:

– Listening and comprehension

– Observation and matching

– Visual and kinaesthetic learning

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