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  • Just 2 Fun
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Review Summary:

Kids get their own version of the word guessing games adults love.

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David Hoyt, a popular game creator, offers a “What’s the Word?” style game designed to help kids build their vocabularies. Each puzzle features two pictures which kids must use to help decode the two-word clue. Some of the puzzles are simple. For example, kids see a picture of a jet and a picture of people skiing to come up with the word “jet ski.” Others are bit a trickier, but kids can use their coins to show letters, see color-coded letters, or even receive a special hint to help them figure out the words. When they do, they hear funny animal sounds and earn points.

Features include:

  • Funny sounds
  • Special hints
  • Hundreds of puzzles
  • Kid-friendly pictures


While designed for kids, Just 2 Fun has the look and feel of some of the word games adults enjoy. Kids will love feeling like they’re playing the same kind of games that mom or dad usually play. As they play, they’ll be treated to high-quality pictures, as well as clear silly sounds. What kids may not immediately enjoy is some of the smaller details, such as tapping on the star to reveal some of the game’s help features or tapping on the S to skip the puzzle. Along with those helpers, the game offers a few of other features that add to its quality, such as including the copyright information for all pictures used in the game, a settings section where parents can change the sounds, and a kid-friendly bio of the game’s creator, David L. Hoyt.


As kids solve puzzles, they also build their vocabularies. While the game itself is focused on solving fun picture puzzles, kids can receive David’s special hints which provide them with definitions and sentences that use the words. Even if kids opt not to use the special hints to solve the puzzle, they appear on the screen once the puzzle is solved.


Kids can jump on the secret word game bandwagon with their own special game. While some of the puzzles are fairly easy, kids will find that most provide enough of a challenge to make solving the puzzle incredibly satisfying. For those extremely tricky word puzzles, the game offers a wide variety of helpers to help avoid frustration and keep the game entertaining.


One of the downside to games like this is that they often come full of ads and pop-ups encouraging players to purchase more coins. This game, however, is completely ad-free and does not ask kids to purchase more points. While the price may seem a little high, it’s all-inclusive.

Child Friendliness

When kids first play Just 2 Fun, they’re taken through a step-by-step tutorial. It helps kids become oriented with the game and quickly learn how to get started. After that, they’ll be ready to play. When kids get stuck, they have access to multiple helpers to get them unstuck. There’s even an e-mail feature for kids to use to ask for more help if they can’t solve the puzzle on their own. Parents might want to talk to their kids about who it’s okay to e-mail, or if it’s okay to e-mail at all, before they play.

Kids get their own version of the word guessing games adults love.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars