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Just Going to the Dentist App Review

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A wonderful addition to the Little Critter series. A great e-book for story time or to help make your little one feel at ease with their first visit to the dentist.

Just Going To The Dentist has what every good e-book has, a good story, familiar characters, in app activities, narration options, and text highlighting. This is a great book for any little one that might be concerned or frightened of going to the dentist or anyone that just loves the Little Critter book series as a whole. Help your child feel at ease with going to the dentist with this delightful digital story.

Features include:

  • “Read to me” and “Read to myself” narration options
  • Voice record feature
  • In story search and find activity
  • Text highlighting

Oceanhouse Media always offers high quality e-books and this one is no different. The illustrations are great as they resemble those in the actual book and the in app activities and features are an added bonus.

In this particular book children have narration options that include a voice record feature as well as a fun search and find activity within the story. The transitions from page to page are smooth and timed perfectly and though there aren’t any animations included, the overall quality of this app is great.

The education benefits with this app are what you would expect from any digital book. Children can read along with highlighted text, learn new words as they tap pictures on each page, or practice reading aloud as they record their own voice. They also have the option of reading to themselves, having the narrator read to them, or a parent may choose to record their voice as the narrator.

However they choose to read through the story they will certainly have the opportunity to learn new words and improve their reading skills in this cute e-book.

I love e-books that incorporate a little bit of fun with an added activity or two and this app has a fun search and find game within the story. As the child reads through the book, they have a chance to find hidden critters (frogs and spiders) on each page. At the end of the story, they can see just how many they found. This is a fun way to engage children and give them a little something extra in addition to the story itself.

When you consider the price you might pay for a children’s book in the stores, this e-book is priced well below the cost of a hard copy. The text highlighting, narration options, and the record your voice feature make this cute book a great value for not a lot of money.

E-books with the read to me option is a great way to empower children and allow them to enjoy books on their own and when you have an intuitive user interface like this app has, it makes for a very child friendly app. Children can tap through the illustrations and easily swipe to turn the pages so they aren’t likely to get stuck at any one point. Though they may need a little guidance to know what they are looking for with the search and find component of the book, they are likely to catch on pretty quickly.

Parents will also want to take note that there is an option to look at other Little Critter e-books on the home page as well as an advertisement for another Oceanhouse Media book in the right corner so children could end up in the app store by mistake. There are no social media links etc. so no worries there.

Just Going To The Dentist
Just Going to the Dentist
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