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  • Kido Magic Fingers
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Create fingerprint animals and feed a hungry hedgehog letters to make words in a fun multi-touch early learning app.

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Kids’ fingerprints turn into animals and a silly-looking hedgehog named Kido eats letters in this exciting learning app. Kido Magic Finger is so named because when kids touch the screen in five different scenes, their fingerprints turn into cute animals and color in outlines. By incorporating both single-touch and multi-touch technology, kids can see results whether they’re playing with one finger or two fingers, making the game that much more entertaining. Along with creating animals, kids also get to learn how to spell new words, making this app a great way to encourage kids to be creative and to build their basic vocabularies.

Features include:

  • Single-touch and multi-touch technology
  • Two modes of play
  • Five scenes
  • Images from fingerprints
  • Fun sound effects


On the initial screen, kids see a large play button in the middle of the screen and a smaller info button in the top left corner. From there they’ll be directed to a TV screen featuring five different screens that they can scroll through and select. Once kids enter each scene, tapping their fingers on the scene will produce adorable fingerprint animals. Kids may not realize it at first, but if they tap with one finger, they’ll see a different animal than if they tap with two fingers.


By feeding letters to a hungry hedgehog, Kido, kids learn to spell words like sun, cloud, and moon. Once they successfully feed the monster all of the letters in the word they’re treated to a fun animation featuring the word. These animations help kids learn what the words mean rather than just showing them the spelling of the words. While the vocabulary in the app is somewhat limited and related to the scenes, kids can still learn a lot of words as they play.


In the parent section, developer’s note that the goal of the app isn’t to have kids sitting around playing it all day. While kids will enjoy making fingerprint animals and spelling words, the developers also encourage parents to interact with kids outside of the app by making fingerprint creations of their own. Still, while kids are playing in the app they’ll be entertained with the animated fingerprint animals, crazy hedgehog, and other fun sound effects and animations.


Kido Magic Finger has a lot similarities to other popular ABC and spelling apps on the market. The difference lies in its use of fingerprints and multi-touch technology. This alone makes it unique enough to be worth a buy, although the price may be a tad high for what it offers.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find themselves focused more on the app and less on accessing the parent info section. A basic parental block keeps little fingers from accessing the app’s description and links to social media.

  • Protected parental area
  • NO in-app purchases
  • NO third-party ads
  • YES links to social media (protected)

Create fingerprint animals and feed a hungry hedgehog letters to make words in a fun multi-touch early learning app.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars