The Great Snail Race appGreat Snail Race by 123 Number Fun

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Device: iPad app, iPhone app, iPod app, Universal App
Price: $2.49

The Great Snail Race is a great little story that follows the character Tilly Two at school as she participates in Show and Tell and takes part in a snail race. The story is very cute and because it’s about Tilly Two, the number 2 is sprinkled thoughout the story. You also get introduced to the numbers 0 – 10 through the Number Town map and the people who live there.

One downside for the American audience is that it doesn’t give an option for an American English spelling of words in the story.

Bottom-line: great story and a nice introduction to numbers, but the app could do with a little reworking to better integrate the Number Town map and numbers 0 – 10.

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