Seed Cycle - Seed Pod Productions


The Seed Cycle is an easy to use, visual and hands on approach to learning about the life cycle of a plant. 4.5 stars!

There is something beautiful about such a simple app which helps children understand a key part of the science curriculum, the lifecycle of a plant. In portait mode, you see not only the root structure of these plants, but see you’re achivements in the form of stickers. In landscape mode, you get a nice full screen to play with.

You also have the option of turning the narration on or off.

The app is great, but to make it better I would recommend adding the following: a home / intro screen, directions to get kids started, be able to see root system and stickers on the landscape mode, and improve the sound of the bee. I would also love to see a quiz incorporated to test the child’s knowledge of the subject.

Bottomline: I would happily take this into a classroom to help teach kids about this area of science.

[appimg 440030386]