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  • Learn to Read NOK-Syllables
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Syllable counting and word building app challenges kids as they build early reading skills.

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How many syllables are in the word honey? You could clap it out or you could head to the factory in Learn to Read Nok – Syllables. This beginning reading app helps kids practice counting out the number of syllables in a word, connecting words with phonemes, and building words. In order to fully benefit from the app, kids must have a basic understanding of what a syllable is and how to determine the number of syllables in a word. Those who do will find that the app is a great option for helping them to build their early reading skills.

Features include:

  • Four syllable games
  • Factory-like setting
  • Visual and written representation
  • Early reading skills


After hitting play, the doors on the main screen open and kids enter a word factory. There they can choose from four different word-building games to help build their early reading skills. Each time kids open one of the games, they’re given a basic set of instructions. A star shape and progress meter helps them keep track of how much they’ve completed. To play each game, kids simply drag and drop items into tubes or select the correct choice. A robotic voice tells kids exactly what to do at each step of the way and repeats itself until kids act.


The app contains four different games designed to help kids build early reading skills. The first game has kids select how many syllables are in a given word. This requires kids to have a basic of knowledge of syllables before they play. In the second game, kids must select the object with the given number of syllables. The remaining games have kids put together words based on their different syllables. In all of the games, visual representations of the word are included to help kids connect the visual object with the written word. While the syllable counting games will not pose much of a challenge for kids, the word building games offer a mix of words designed to make kids think. However, some of these words may be too challenging for the younger set.


Kids will find that the game is more about education than entertainment, but they will still enjoy working through the different challenges. The words are varied enough to keep kids interest. In one game they may be asked the number of syllables in the word salt, while another challenge may have them putting together the word saxophone.


There are not many strictly syllables-based apps available for kids. This app offers a good mix of words to keep kids challenged, but some of the words may be too challenging for the main group of kids who need to build this skill. For kids who just need extra syllables practice, this is a good choice. For those who are at the beginning stages of syllable counting and word building, it may be too challenging to be a good value.

Child Friendliness

The app contains a small credits screen that appears when kids tap the gear on the main screen. Beyond that, the app is child friendly and easy for kids to navigate.

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Syllable counting and word building app challenges kids as they build early reading skills.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars