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Letters for Santa is a creative way for you to discover what your child wants for Christmas. It is an iPad only, multifunctional app. Letters for Santa is an interactive story about Ruben, Rudolph’s nephew, who finally creates an invention Santa approves of. At the end of the story, your child will be able to send a letter to Santa. The letter is sent to Santa at an e-mail address that you type in. The letter is written by your child using their finger; not a keyboard. This enables very young children to be able to draw a picture instead of writing.

The designers of Letters for Santa have done a fabulous job combining kid-friendly interactive objects, enjoyable music, adorable characters and vivid graphics. One of the first pages of the app is a page that describes the functions of each of the buttons. The navigation options the designers have built into this app are phenomenal! There are at least five different ways to navigate through the book. You can show the text being read on each page, if you’d like. The words are not highlighted; however, the narrator reads at a slow enough pace and there are not a lot of words per page. Young readers should be able to follow along. The narration is well done. The options to turn narration off or the ability to record your reading of the story are not currently available.

Letters for Santa is a delightful Christmas story with the added bonus of your child being able to send their letter to Santa.
Letters for Santa allows a child hand-write a personalized letter to Santa, giving the child an instant response, straight from the North Pole.

So whether it’s a bed time story, or to simply entertain children during the day, this application allows your child playfully interact.

This NEW Christmas Story integrates sound, fun animation, clever visible and hidden touch points, as well as providing a fully engaging magical experience from start to finish. But best of all, it holds the secret to what your children want for Christmas!

***Follow the story in landscape format with secret / hidden buttons throughout. Turn the device portrait for close-ups and surprises!*** Regular Price: $1.99