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  • Marmen
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  • Last modified: July 20, 2017
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Marmen offers a unique multiplayer, letter counting game, but suffers from quality issues and contains inappropriate language.


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Marmen pits players against one another to see who can determine the number of letters in a given word the fastest. Part word game, part counting game, this app offers a unique game. Unfortunately, it is plagued by quality issues and is not entirely child friendly.

Features include:

  • Play against opponents
  • Choose from four game types
  • Complete multiple levels
  • Track your progress


Marmen is accompanied by many issues with quality. To use the app, players must sign up or log in with Facebook. Once logged in, the play button appears near the top of the screen. Tapping on the play button gives the player the opportunity to choose the type of game and the opponent. The app lacks a back button, so players will have trouble getting back to the main screen without restarting the app. It also suffers from connect errors, which happen a lot when trying to abandon a game. It is also not immediately clear how to play. The game offers few instructions, so users will just have to figure it out or conduct an internet search to learn how to play.


This app is not being rated for education.


Players can choose from four match types. They include fixed time, 3 rounds, play offline, and Marmenland. Some of these options are only available in the premium version of the game. Players can choose to play against a random opponent, find an opponent, or choose an opponent from their Facebook friends. It can take the app a minute or two to find an opponent to play against. While it says it’s a word game, it’s really more just about counting letters. Random words are displayed at the top of the screen and you must choose the correct number of letters they contain. The goal is to do this faster than your opponent. At the end of the game, you can see your time for quickest answer, average time for correct answer, and number of wrong attempts.


Honestly, the game has so many issues with child friendliness and quality that it is not worth a download, let alone the purchase of the premium version of the app.

Child Friendliness

Users must sign up for an account or log in with Facebook in order to use the app. Signing up requires users to select a username and password. Providing an e-mail address is optional. Banner ads appear at the bottom of the app. To remove ads, users can purchase the premium version of the app through an in-app purchase, which is not protected. The app also offers the option to connect with WhatsApp. Users play the game against other users. What is most frustrating and makes the app least suitable for children is the language contained within. While some words are just gross, like pooped, the app also uses the word “d*mn” whenever an incorrect answer is given.

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Marmen offers a unique multiplayer, letter counting game, but suffers from quality issues and contains inappropriate language.

Editor rating
Rated 3.5 stars