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Math In Action provides a hands-on approach to learning in an easy to use virtual environment that children and parents will love.

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Math In Action is an app that allows children to get hands on while they learn. This virtual learning environment teaches children sorting, addition, subtraction, and transformation skills in an easy to use platform, while still providing lots of entertainment and fun.

Features include:

  • 80 Exercises
  • 4 Types of educational skills
  • Music activity
  • Free-play activities


At first glance Math In Action has such a great visual appeal with a ton of white space and bright colors that draw your eye to the activities. This minimalist set-up is great for children as it allows them to focus on the activity at hand. The main page provides large icons for the main learning activities and smaller icons for the more entertaining activities and is easy to navigate through. The music included in the app is also very simple and complements what you see visually very well. The app also includes narration throughout the learning activities that help children complete the exercises. All-in-all, Math In Action is a wonderful app that is well organized, simply illustrated, and easy to use for children of all ages.


Parents are going to be blown away by the incredible learning opportunities that are included in this app. With 80 learning activities to complete over four categories, children have the ability to practice their math skills many times over. Not only are they going to learn/practice their addition and subtraction skills, but they can also practice sorting (by colors, shapes, and sizes) and transformation (by replacing certain shapes and colors with others). With 20 exercises for each educational skill, children are able to build on what they have learned since the activities increase in difficulty.

This app also offers a unique platform for learning. Children are able to get pretty hands-on with their learning skills by moving, stacking, and organizing various shapes on the screen. This is similar to what teachers might do with children using building blocks in a classroom, only it is in a very unique virtual environment.


Developers have done a nice job balancing some simple and fun activities into this mainly educational app by including an abacus, music room, and play room for additional entertainment. The abacus is multi-colored and is fun for children to play around with as they choose. The music room allows children to use the surprises (musical sounds and instruments) they earn by completing various math activities to create their own unique songs to enjoy. The play room allows children to play with the various shapes to build whatever they choose and when they want to get rid of a particular shape, they will have fun feeding the monster trashcan who gladly gobbles up the shape they want to get rid of. Overall, this app has a ton of entertainment value in addition to the great educational material.


The full version of this app is offered at an astounding price of just under three dollars which is a steal! When you consider the many learning activities, benefits, and the three additional free-play activities this app has to offer the price is great. There is also a free option that has a total of 20 activities that you can try before purchasing the full version. I don’t think it will take parents/teachers long to decide this is a good buy that will engage and entertain children for quite a while.

Child Friendliness

Math In Action is safe for children of all ages. There are no social media links or advertisements and the parent area is protected so parent’s don’t have to worry about children getting into areas they shouldn’t. There is the one in-app purchase in the free-version to be aware of but I don’t think parents are going to be using the free version long after they see what this app has to offer.

The set-up is also easy to use for children of all ages and provides tons of white space, simple music, and narration so children aren’t unnecessarily distracted as they play.

Math In Action provides a hands-on approach to learning in an easy to use virtual environment that children and parents will love.

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