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Math Mathews Mental Math App Review

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Math Mathews: Mental Math includes action packed adventure, interesting characters and math problems for practicing addition and subtraction.

Features include:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Ability to customize each user account
  • Fast paced game alternates with math problems

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This Math Mathews app is a lively learning environment with its bright colors, fast action, music and easy to use interface.

Parents or teachers have the ability to set up multiple user accounts choosing the difficulty for each user.

A special section offer hints and tips from the Captain. A logbook provides a glance at user performance.


In this math app users must unlock each of the 8 locations on the map before reaching The Heart of the Temple. Users unlock locations by collecting keys during game play and by answering math questions correctly.

The variety in the presentation of math problems is good and can offer a good challenge. The pool of math problems could be varied a bit more. Repetition is good, but when purchasing an educational app such as this one would expect all math facts in the selected range are covered. In multiple instances the same problem is presented two times in a row.

With four levels of difficulty available, this app could be used with a range of children. The user will need to be able to read the instructions and story as there is no narration available. There is not a huge amount of reading to be done, but being able to read what there is, is important if you want to follow the storyline.


The three main aspects of the app are well balanced. The user will collect coins and keys during a short stretch of game play, then answer a few math problems before returning to another stretch of game play and so on. The story is intermixed keeping the user entertained.

Most keys, which are used to unlock the next level, are earned during the answering of math problems. Up to three keys can be earned per question; however, keys are lost when incorrect answers are given. A small number of keys are collected during game play. Kids who are not experienced gamers may become frustrated during the game play at first, but they will still have plenty of opportunities to earn keys.


This is a universal app of nice quality. It is a well-rounded educational app that will take kids a good amount of time to complete, if working at their true abilities. Kids do have the ability to select their level of difficulty. Unlocked levels can be replayed as desired and at higher difficulty.

Multiple user accounts make this a great buy for families and schools.

Child Friendliness

Math Mathews: Mental Math is a great example of the ideal app in child friendliness. This app does not contain social media or external links, ads or in-app purchases. There is a button for additional apps, but it is information only. Kudos to the developer!

Math Mathews: Mental Math
Math Mathews: Mental Math
Captain Mathews and his crew are on a new adventure in this fast paced game that mixes a good mystery with addition and subtraction problems.
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