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Mini Train for Kids offers variety not only in activities to be completed, but in the settings in which they take place. Bright colors and fun music add to the enjoyment as you set out to solve the puzzles.

The initial download of this universal app is free and contains the first four levels in the Meadow Switching and Construction modes. Additional levels in the Meadow Switching and Construction modes, the Desert Switching and Construction modes, Free play mode and additional locomotives are available through an in-app purchase. The in-app purchase can be purchased once and then downloaded on your other devices.

Levels in the Switching modes (meadow and desert) require the kids to adjust the track so that the train can collect as many stars as possible before safely reaching the end of the track. Each of the Switching modes contains 15 levels, after the in-app purchase.

In the Construction modes (meadow and desert) kids will need to layout, or construct, track using the pieces provided so the train can collect stars and safely reach the flag at the end. Again, 15 levels are available in each mode after the in-app purchase.

Free mode is where kids can construct tracks in their own design; five levels can be saved in each of the settings, Meadow and Desert.

In all of the modes, kids can control the speed of their train and blow the train whistle as much as they want. Blowing the whistle was my favorite part!

Overall we found the app easiest to use on the iPad due to some track pieces were hard to manipulate on the smaller screen, even for kid-sized fingers. That said, the app is still enjoyable on the smaller screen; however, the developers may want to keep this in mind for the next upgrade. One example, in the Free mode, we were able to place a piece of track in the upper left corner near the exit button, but then found it very difficult to remove it, because the app thought we were pushing the exit button.

The app is intuitive and does not contain an in-app help or instructions. The only part my testers did not find intuitive was in the Free mode, we couldn’t figure out how to complete our track without our train crashing and losing every time or sending the train into an infinite loop and not receiving the level complete screen. It would be nice to be able to complete the track we designed and complete our level as you would in Switching or Construction modes.

Levels do increase in difficulty quickly. I would recommend this app for kids six years old and older.

On the main screen there are buttons for more apps and the in-app purchase; however, the in-app purchase button changes to the free play area after the purchase is made. You may want to warn your young users about these buttons. The app does not contain in-app ads or social media buttons.

Bottom line

A must have for train lovers, and Moms who enjoy the train whistle as much as the kids.
Train simulator for Kids.

Kids will take the mini train on a journey to harvest all golden stars from each level, be able to switch tracks and allow the mini train to take different paths, and be able to build their own tracks in a free mode or in the “construction” mode to collect all the golden stars.

The train offers 3 speed settings, allowing kids to adjust game difficulty by themselves.

This game allows kids to learn track switching logic while having fun.

The free game allows kids to discover several circuits, you may unlock other circuits (60 levels to unlock) through an in-app purchase if you wish to do so.

2 environments (meadow and desert) will add variety to your toddlers journeys…

Regular Price: Freemium : In-App Purchase is $1.99