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Momalo is an iPad only coloring app for kids. With all of the coloring apps on the market today, I had to ask myself what’s unique about this one. Is it worth downloading another or will it be the same as the others we already own?

Momalo has a very simple, easy-to-use interface. There is an in-app help, which includes an internet video, if you need instructions.

Three brush sizes, an eraser and 14 colors are included. The user does have the ability to mix colors as they paint, which allows for additional colors or detail. Patterns are available to help guide the user in adding some details. It’s nice to have the option to turn the patterns on or off as some pictures were a little too busy with them all on at one time.

The app contains six categories of pictures; animals, flowers, alphabet, geometry, numbers and blank pages. You receive three free pictures from each category as part of the initial download. Seventy-three additional pictures can be purchased through in-app purchases; more pictures are planned in future updates.

The in-app purchases work on a system of pear tokens. Users use the pears to acquire additional pictures. The initial download comes with three free pears, plus you receive three more by using the in-app review button to review the app. Three in-app purchases are available for pear packages; six pears are $0.99, 42 pears are $5.99, and 420 pears are $11.99. For example, with the three initial free pears, you can unlock three more pictures. Locked pictures have a pear icon on them and are locked. I believe these in-app purchases should be mentioned in the iTunes description so they are not a complete surprise to people downloading the app.

Warnings to Parents

If the child taps the pear icon on a picture and you do not have enough pears, they will be taken to the in-app purchase screen. Be sure that you have turned off the ability for in-app purchases if you don’t want your child accessing additional screens. This is one area I would like to see the developer change. Most parents do not like their children having to deal with this distraction.

The pictures can be saved to your device photos directory so you may need to do a clean up once in a while. I know my kids fill up that area rather quickly with apps like this.

Bottom line

Momalo is a coloring app worth downloading. The initial download contains enough pictures and features to entertain the whole family for hours.
Momalo coloring app for kids is the best coloring app ever. It educates your kids to mix colors together as no other app. It educates children’s attention, mind, imagination and creativity.

Mix colors together and you get brand new colors.
Using it is very simple.

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