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The award winning Noodle Words – Set 1 app is now available in an iPhone/iPod version. Developed by Mark Schlichting, creator of Living Books series of interactive children’s books, this app is aimed at encouraging beginning readers to learn the meaning of words in a fun and interactive way.

Kids can interact with two bugs or each of the 18 words. Children can tap on the words or the Noodle bugs; the meaning of the word is then demonstrated. If the child touches the word “run”, for example, the word runs around the screen; touch the bugs and they run. Some words can be moved around the screen by dragging them; try tapping rapidly on the box, bugs or words for all kinds of crazy excitement; blowing on the microphone for the word blow, it will blow across the screen; and for the word dance, tap it and then shake the device to hear the music change.

The app interface is designed in such a way that it is easy to use, fun and safe for kids. With a plain white background the child’s focus will stay on the words and bugs. The only other button in the app, besides the one kids will use to choose words, is for the Menu. The Menu screen is where you will find additional information about the app; such as credits, tips for parents, etc. If the kids get into this area, it is so unappealing to kids; they will not stay on the screen long. The play button is in the lower right corner so they are easily returned to the game.

Noodle Words is a fantastic app and a great way for kids to learn; however, it needs additional words. Most kids will work through the 18 pretty quickly.

The developer does have a privacy disclosure; no data collection, ads, in-app purchases, or social media buttons.

Bottom line

Noodle Words is a fantastic app and a great way for kids to learn; however, it needs additional words.
“A charming educational app for iPad that is sure to put a smile on the face of users no matter the age, as well as teach the meaning of action works in ways most delightful” – GiggleApps.com

The first in a series of animated Word Toys, Noodle Words encourages emerging readers ages 4-7 to discover word meanings like they never have before. Through interactive play, our set of 18 active words come to life as the Noodle Bugs demonstrate word meanings with their highly animated antics. Young readers can interact with the words or the cute bugs using the iPad’s touch screen. They literally play with the words to make SPIN spin and JUMP jump.

Developed by award winning children’s designer Mark Schlichting, creator of the best selling Living Books series of interactive children’s books. Regular Price: 0.99