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Picture Book for Pansjo – Tummy is a simple, interactive story book designed to explain the noise our tummy makes when we are hungry. It is told in a way that will make it enjoyable and easy to understand for toddlers and preschoolers. The app has bright, vivid colors that will draw the children into the story. It helps that Pansjo is adorable, too.

There are plenty of navigation buttons built into the app; moving around the story, turning music and sound on or off, and switching to the coloring book and back is very easy. Coloring pages can be saved to your cameral roll. One suggestion I would have for the developer is to pause the story when switching to the coloring book. In some instances the story continued in the background.

Six languages are available, which is the only setting in the in-app help. However, the app is so intuitive that nothing more is needed. The show text button is placed nicely at the bottom of the screen. Text can be turned on or off easily at any time. It would be nice for beginning readers if the text was highlighted as the narrator reads it. The narration is so pleasant to listen to and easy to understand.

The app does not contain a lot of interactive objects; mostly the flower on Pansjo’s hat and his nose, some pages have more. It would be nice if more were available; such as the ability to touch the cow and have it moo each time, bunnies hop, birds chirp or sing. On most pages, you are not able to touch the object until the narration is done. If you have the narration off, it may be a little confusing. In some instances the interactive objects move or jiggle a little to let you know that they can now be touched. This would be a five star app with those improvements.

A separate iPhone version is available in iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picture-book-pansjo-tummy/id483572716?mt=8

Bottom-line: Picture Book Pansjo – Tummy is a cute and enjoyable storybook for younger children.


  • Pansjo – Tummy Interactive picture book app for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Segment books (picture books)
  • Animations and interactions (both video and audio) on every page
  • Text display can be turned on or off
  • Background music can be turned on or off
  • Narrator’s voice can be turned on or off
  • Easy acces to menu, toddlers and preschoolers can handle the menu themselves
  • Six different voice overs in UK and USA English, Japanese, German, French and Dutch
  • Color, save en mail coloring pages
  • Miniature version also available on iPhone

Tummy is the first release in the Pansjo series, especially developed for toddlers and preschoolers who explore the interactive potential of the iPad. Clown Pansjo wakes up. His tummy’s making a funny noise. What’s in there? And what can Pansjo do to quiet his tummy?

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