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Another great holiday themed app that allows children to work on their spelling, reading, memory, and a variety of other skills through fun activities.

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Plume’s School-Saving Christmas is a holiday themed early learning app that teaches helps children build their problem solving skills by playing a variety of activities including a memory match, puzzle activity, and many more. This easy to use app is aimed at younger children and is a great app for this time of year with the cute elves, presents, and overall holiday theme.
Features include:

  • 6 Activities
  • Play and free modes
  • Easy to use


Plume’s School-Saving Christmas is a cute holiday themed app for young children that teaches a variety of skills. The developers have done a great job making this app easy to use as they have included a simple “how to” illustration before each activity. The illustrations include a variety of elves, gifts, ornaments, and other holiday themed items and are done very well. While most of the audio throughout the app is top quality, some of the intro pieces have a bit of an echo or robotic sound to them and could use some work. With that said the rest of the app is great for young children to play and learn with ease.


This is a great educational app for early learners as it includes 6 activities for children to play. The “Play” mode allows children to help Plume save Christmas by correctly completing a variety of activities in order to earn stars that will help win back gifts that the evil witch has stolen. These activities include a puzzle, memory match, a quiz, a spelling activity, a bubble activity, and link activity that allows children to draw a line between matching items. Another great part of the app is the book feature that shows a variety of holiday themed pictures with the name of each item. The narrator reads the word as it appears on the screen giving children the opportunity to learn new words. These simple yet fun activities are especially great for pre-schoolers who are learning their letters etc. and would be great to use any time of year.


What’s great about this app is that as children are working on more educational skills like spelling and memory, they are also going to be having fun. There is great background music, sound effects, and lots of positive reinforcement for children for each correct answer. The “Play” mode also offers children stickers to add to their collection for completing various levels which is a great motivator as they play. Some of the activities like the bubble activity and the link activity are more for fun and will keep children engaged for a long time.


Priced at just under a dollar this app is a great deal. Not only will children have the opportunity to play a variety of activities, but they also get to choose whether to play along with the story and help Plume save Christmas or play each activity on their own. The awards and sound effects are also great and add a lot of entertainment to this app for a low price.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a great job making the app easy to use for young children. With simple “how to” illustrations before each activity and simple tap and touch technology, this app is very intuitive. Parents will be happy to know that the settings area is protected but it does include information about setting up the app, progress as well as provide access to more games. There are no social media links or advertisements that children might get distracted by which makes this app great for kids.

Another great holiday themed app that allows children to work on their spelling, reading, memory, and a variety of other skills through fun activities.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars