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Go shopping, build sandwiches, and interact with Poppy Cat and her friends all while learning Spanish in a fun language-learning app.

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Kids will say “hola” to Poppy Cat as they head to the market and prepare for a picnic with Poppy Cat and her friends. Along the way, Poppy Cat’s friend Mo will share the Spanish words for many of the items kids collect. They’ll come away from the app with a strong overview of Spanish words for popular fruits, vegetables, and other groceries, but kids will still need more practice to really build their Spanish language skills.

Features include:

  • English and Spanish Words
  • Matching games
  • Puzzles to Solve
  • Poppy Cat characters


When kids first open the app they’ll see a main screen with buttons inviting them to play or select. The play option shares a brief story with kids before leading them through the games in sequences, while the select option allows kids to choose which game they want to play. While the games are designed to be played in a sequence, they make sense when played out of sequence. Each game shares different Spanish vocabulary words, but since Mo the mouse is described as a timid character the words can sometimes be a bit quiet and hard to hear.


Poppy Cat Goes to the Market works well as both a Spanish learning app and an ESL app. Each word is said first in English, and then in Spanish, reinforcing key vocabulary words in both languages. Kids also have multiple opportunities to hear each word as many of the words are repeated within individual games and throughout the different games. The game is largely audio and image based, but kids could also benefit from adding text to all of the games so kids could see the words in print.


While some kids will appreciate following the story that follows Poppy Cat and her friends as they head to the store, buy groceries, and go on a picnic, other kids will appreciate the opportunity to play the games in any order they want. The app itself will be most entertaining to the younger end of its 2-5 year age range, but older kids will still find themselves entertained by the opportunity to learn the Spanish words.


The app gives kids a fun way to learn Spanish vocabulary words, but may be a tad bit overpriced, especially considering that it only focuses on food words and that it repeats many of the same words over and over. It will likely hold the most value for kids just learning English rather than kids just learning Spanish.

Child Friendliness

When kids first open the app they’ll be drawn to the play and select buttons. Clear instructions will guide them through the games so they can easily figure out how to play. A smaller parent button also graces the main screen and uses a parental block to keep kids from accessing the privacy policy and other grown-up information.

Go shopping, build sandwiches, and interact with Poppy Cat and her friends all while learning Spanish in a fun language-learning app.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars