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Preschool Adventure Island offers a lot of adventure at a great price! It is a universal app that performs well on either device. Each of the eight games can played endlessly; no time limits.

This app does not have a lot of settings. The only two settings are for music (in-app) and default letter case (device settings).
Here’s where the fun begins! This app has EIGHT different games:

-Dinosaur Hunter: User rubs rocks away until a dinosaur is revealed, then three dinosaurs appear; one of which matches. Be sure to remove ALL of the rock from the hole or your match choices will not appear.

-UFO ABC: When the correct letter is touched a spaceship arrives to deliver an alien. When all five letters have been touched correctly the aliens dance and a new set of letters appear.

-Pattern Train: Drag the correct animal to the train to complete the pattern. Pattern includes animals and letters.

-Spelling Bee: An animal name and individual letters appear; letters must be placed in the corresponding spot. When the word is complete, the animal appears.

-Fishing and Counting: Numbers 1-9 are used. A fish is shown along with a number. The user must then select the desired fish that number of times. Various types of fish are swimming very quickly, so be ready!

-Animal Safari: From the keyboard, the user selects any letter. An animal, with a matching animal name, appears.

-Shape Place: This section reminds me of the wooden puzzles young children play with. The child drags the animal to the corresponding shape. As the animal is being moved, the letter and animal name are spoken.

-Pirate Ship: A three letter word appears on the side of the ship with the first lettering missing. The child then drags one of the three individual letters to the beginning of the word to form words that rhyme. After each word is completed, the cannon shoots a cannon ball towards shore where a picture of the object then appears. (I think this was my favorite part!)

Things I liked about this app, overall, are: the very cute graphics, price, intuitive interface, voice is easy to understand and upbeat music. This app is very well done.

Improvements that would make this a five star app:

-Spelling Bee: Music in this game is too fast and too distracting; and use more age appropriate words, like in the Pirate game.

-Dinosaur Hunt: Make it less sensitive to how much of the rock is removed. Currently, ALL of the rock has to be removed before the dinosaurs for matching appear; even I became frustrated with this.

-Pirate Ship: The word on the side of the ship should be a little bigger. It’s too small in comparison to everything else in the game.

-Other suggestions: Add a free play area; some where the kids could type freeform on a keyboard, play with animals, move letters around, etc. Also, earning some type of rewards may be nice; maybe something that could tie into the free play area.

Bottom-line: Preschool Adventure Island is a terrific preschool app; especially for the price. I look forward to future updates. This is definitely an app to keep your eye on! Includes the following fun, educational games parents can do with their preschoolers!

(More skill-building activities coming soon in the next update!)


Learn numbers and counting as you catch sea creatures with your fishing hook.

Complete the patterns by giving animals a train ride.


Learn about simple words and phonics with the pirate ship game.


Press the keys on the virtual keyboard to learn letters and reveal the hidden wild animals.


Drag and drop to match the correct shapes.


Touch the correct letter to reveal a new alien.


Show the bees how to spell new words.


Uncover dinosaur fossil bones and then decide what kind of dinosaur you have discovered.


Explore an island of activities with more, free games in future *updates!

*Buy now and get all future games FREE!


– letter recognition

– letter-sound association

– word-object association

– spelling

– counting

– spatial reasoning

– pattern recognition

– classifying

– sorting

– puzzles & problem solving

– computer skills such as menu navigation and how to use a virtual keyboard