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Preschool Kitty, by KatzApps, is a reasonably priced, adorable, educational app for the preschool crowd. The app is highly customizable, offers seven different types of games, and statistical reporting.

Statistics for the last game played and overall of your child’s performance are available and can be reset easily by you. Three levels of difficulty are available for each type of game and can be set in the setup menu. Types of games available are: patterns, matching objects, spot the difference, where is the object, catch the object, find the right images, and picture puzzles. For picture puzzles, there are three options for the number of pieces. The Rewards screen can be reset here, also.

The child receives positive feedback and encouragement throughout the games. Upbeat music, crisp graphics and bright colors add to the positive environment. Kids will be having so much fun; they won’t realize they are learning. If you would rather play without music it can be turned on or off on the main screen or in settings. It would be nice if there was a music button on every page as there were times when we wanted to turn it off for a short while. Narration is easy to understand throughout the app, but there are places where it gets drowned out by the music. I found the level of the narration volume is not consistent throughout.

As the child completes the games they earn rewards, which can be used to decorate their bedroom. There are trucks, balls, books, etc., given as rewards. These objects can be moved around the room.

The method used to prevent the child from accessing the setup or statistics areas is a fantastic feature. However, this method should have also been used on the buttons for additional Katz Apps and their web site. As a parent, it is preferred that children do not have access to any buttons that will take them out of the app.

One frustration I encountered was the lack of a button for exiting the games and returning to the home page. Without this feature the games just continue endlessly. The only way I could find to exit was by exiting the app and restarting it.

Preschool Kitty is a single user app. Multiple user capabilities (accounts) would nice. It would allow families with more than one child, or schools, to use this app.

Bottom-line: Preschool Kitty is a reasonably priced educational app that can be used for a wide age range of children due to the ability to customize it. This is a universal app.