Best President’s Day Apps for Kids (Updated for 2022)

President’s Day Apps

Reviewed and recommended, these apps are a fun way for kids to learn about our American presidents anytime of year.

Presidents vs Aliens

Price: $1.99

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Presidents vs Aliens is a game-like app that takes learning to the next level. This fun, interactive app teaches children fun facts, names, quotes, and so much more about presidents and includes 44 flash cards, a bonus game, and the ability to create multiple profiles. Fun, educational, and great for children of all ages!




The Presidents – Flash Cards

Price: Free

iOS App Store

The Presidents is a great flash card app that provides an easy way for kids to learn about the American Presidents and test what they’ve learned. Easy to use and perfect for children of all ages. It’s completely updated and ready for action, all the way through President Joe Biden.

The app offers some great facts and information about each president, and also has a quiz-yourself mode where users can turn off the hints and clues about each president. It makes a great study tool for those times when kids are learning about American Presidents in class, or anytime!


Price: Free

iOS App Store

Whenever kids are learning about American Presidents, there’s time to help them understand exactly what happens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In a nice touch, developers have set this app up to get going when you point your device’s camera at the picture of George Washington on a $1 bill. From there, users can move their camera around to examine places in the White House from a new perspective. There are even some surprises in store when you click on the Oval Office.


Roadside Presidents

Price: $2.99

iOS App Store

Ready for a President’s Day roadtrip? This app will help you find all the roadside stops related to US Presidents that you could ever hope to visit. You’ll find birth sites, graves, shrines, monuments, and more. Get info about museums and serious attractions, as well as some great “tourist traps” like the Wax Gallery of Unelected Presidents and the pile of rocks shaped like Nixon’s head.

You and your family will also become masters of Presidential trivia with the great facts and details that this app will provide. It’s wonderful ammunition for your next trivia contest, and the perfect companion for those cross-country trips when you want to find the best places to stop and stretch your legs.

US Presidents and History Quiz

Price: Free with in-app purchases

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Here’s literally everything you ever wanted to know about Presidential (and Vice-Presidental) history, wrapped up in some great game formats. The app includes some study tools like flashcards and tables, as well as three different game modes. There’s a spelling game, a fast answer game, and a multiple choice game.

The app is free to download. If you want to remove the advertisements or get hints to the puzzles, these options are available as in-app purchases.