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Budding fashionistas everywhere will appreciate this fashionable interactive eBook that encourages them to create a style all of their own.

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Calling all budding fashionistas! Kids can express their budding fashion sense and interact with six incredibly fashionable characters as they read through this interactive eBook. On the first page, kids complete a style profile, taking a picture of themselves and sharing their fave outfit and fave fashion style. As they go through the book, they get the opportunity to experiment with other elements of fashion and express their fashion sense as they play games such as “Shoedoku,” design patterns, and interact with the Pretty Fabulous Girls in all sorts of ways. Every time kids read this book, they’ll get a new opportunity to develop their fashion sense and fabulousness.

Features include:

  • Fashion games and puzzles
  • Fashion design activities
  • Six Pretty Fabulous Girls
  • Confidence building activities


Pink and purple dominate this fashion conscious app which focuses on fashionable girls. There’s also plenty of sparkly jewelry, twinkling stars, and other elements girls love. While girls will enjoy playing the games, many of them have a simple feel and simply involve placing stickers or dragging pieces around. Even the fashion design activities have girls using simple paint features to create their own designs and patterns, enough to please most girls, but somewhat limiting to more serious fashion designers.


The six Pretty Fabulous Girls embody fashion and confidence. Girls will enjoy getting to know the main characters as they complete activities involving the girls. Some of the activities prove more entertaining than others. Girls will likely gravitate towards the nail painting, pattern pen, and other design activities and skip over the “Shoedoku,” puzzle, and maze-style games. Thankfully the book makes it easy to skip over pages to get to more interesting activities.


Girls will spend plenty of time completing the activities contained within this interactive eBook. At the end, they’ll have a collection of new patterns, six new fashionable friends, and loads of confidence in their own fashion skills. It’s totally worth it.

Child Friendliness

Parents will appreciate that while the eBook focuses on fashion, girls won’t see anything inappropriate. All girls wear modest clothing while still letting their incredible fashion sense shine through. While kids can see a collection of other eBooks by the developer, access to these books hides behind a parental block.

Budding fashionistas everywhere will appreciate this fashionable interactive eBook that encourages them to create a style all of their own.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars