Printable Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Christmas Coloring Pages

Printable Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids. Teaching children in the kindergarten can be fun. The lessons giving to them are mostly in the form of games and colorful pages with many pictures. It is adjusted to their age. Children under 3 years old, usually have not yet had a will to study in the class. They prefer playing in the playground and trying so many toys that they want. Teacher should know their needs. They must not being forced to be in the class, since it is not yet their time to sit and listen to the teacher. Let them learn according to their age. Different from them, children above 3 years old might easier to adjust themselves in the classroom. They usually will already have the ability to do what teacher told.

Now, when the teacher intends to give lesson on events, he/she may relate it to the nearest event of the year. Christmas, for example. Teacher may provide Christmas coloring pages to the students. As we all know, colors and pictures are truly attractive for their ages. Both pictures and colors can draw their attention easily and help them to focus longer. Even though 3 years old kids or above have already a will to stay in the classroom, but the lesson must also help them a lot to be focus learners and attentive students. Teacher may have some ways to keep them on track. For example, teach them new song before doing the coloring activities. Song helps them to refresh themselves and that makes them easy to learn.

Before spreading the Christmas coloring pages, the teacher may have some triggering questions to the students, such as: what is Christmas? Do you celebrate Christmas? What do you prepare for Christmas? Or what things do usually exist on Christmas? After the students answering, teacher may ask one or two of the students to draw on the blackboard the things they mentioned. For instances, the may say Christmas tree, colorful lamps, cookies, Christmas gifts, Santa Clause, snow, Baby Jesus, church, clean clothes, new clothes, and so on.

Now, it’s the time to do the coloring. The Christmas coloring pages can be found from several sources. Teacher may get them from the internet, from books available in the book stores or he/she may draw the pictures by him/herself. That way, teacher may have the exact pictures that he/she needs. While spreading the pictures, the teacher may ask more questions like, what do you like most on Christmas, or when is Christmas? The kids will be busy coloring, while the teacher may walk around the classroom to see how it goes. 

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Printable Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids
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Printable Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids
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