Rainy Day Activities With Kids Part Two

Don’t let a rainy day get your kids too down! Enjoy more rainy day activity ideas in Part Two of this series to ensure plenty of fun the whole day through.

Do Puzzles

Get out any puzzles you have to provide kids with a fun and stimulating activity. Make a display of puzzles, such as toy puzzles (the interlocking piece kind), crossword puzzles, word finds, and anything else your children are old enough to try.

Cull And Donate

Tell the kids you are going to look through your room while they look through theirs for items to donate. Explain the concept of donation and that any toys or games they don’t want will go to less fortunate children who will enjoy them all over again. Stress the importance of really thinking about what they want to donate to avoid tears later on, but also emphasize how fun it is to give back.

Watch Old Baby Videos

Show your kids what they were like as babies by pulling out old baby videos. Your kids will undoubtedly be fascinated with their baby selves–even if they’ve seen pictures, watching their younger selves in action is a whole other thing. Break out the photo albums as well if you want.

Set Up A Scavenger Hunt

Create an indoor scavenger hunt to keep the kids busy for hours. Give them lists featuring items such as cotton balls, silverware, dog or cat toys, and bandaids. Make it a timed event if you want to add to the excitement.

Have A Movie Afternoon

Craft a marathon movie afternoon! Choose from series such as Harry Potter, and encourage your kids to dig out any clothing/toys/other merchandise they have to bring to the “screening.” Pop plenty of popcorn before you settle in.

Have fun with these and other rainy day activity ideas! Enjoy!