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Rocket Speller by Little Big Thinkers is a fun, easy to use spelling app for children ages 3-7. Children will have lots of fun learning and spelling new words and helping Zip the alien select the parts to build his rocket ship to launch into space at the end of each level. With 4 different levels increasing in difficulty and over 130 words to spell, children using this app will not only get practice in spelling, reading, and vocabulary, but will have tons of fun too.

Features include:

  • Over 130 words to spell
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • 4 spelling levels

Overall this app is of very high quality. From the vibrant colors in the illustrations to the engaging animations of Zip the alien, every part of this app has been very well planned and executed. The animation involved with selecting the parts of the rocket and launching it into space are also very well done in addition to the sound effects and images.

While the main educational benefit of this app is in spelling, it also allows children to learn new words and work on their reading skills. As they learn to spell each new word, they also learn to recognize it visually as they develop their vocabulary. Additionally by dragging and dropping each letter from a bank of words into the appropriate place, children are also able to work on their fine motor skills.

This app is not only educational, but also engaging and entertaining as well. Children are motivated to move through each level so they can choose from a wide variety of for Zip the alien’s rocket and are bound to have fun as they get to launch it into space. They also have the ability to interact with Zip and make him giggle and laugh by tapping his space ship throughout the app.

This is one of the best free apps out there. With wonderful educational benefits in spelling, vocabulary, and reading along with an entertaining and high quality interface, this is a great value that both children and parents are sure to love.

Overall this app is extremely intuitive and very child friendly. Children are able to get started right away from the main page by touching the play button. If instructions are needed they can simply touch Zip the alien and he will gladly explain how the app is used. There are no advertisements or links within the app that would lead users outside of the app itself and with the simple interface it is unlikely users will get stuck at any point within the app.

Rocket Speller
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