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Sam and Ben is a thoughtfully designed and intelligently written eBook app designed to encourage children to celebrate their differences and find a common ground.

By telling the story of Sam and Ben, a set of twins who have a healthy set of differences but love each other anyway, this eBook is poised to take its place among my family’s favorites. For a little background, my family has several sets of twins in it on both sides. As little as they are, my kids notice that even though their cousins are twins, they don’t look the same, and they don’t act the same.

While this lesson is easy to drive home in a family like mine, not ever clan is that lucky. And that’s where great stories like Sam and Ben come in to play.

Expert storytelling aside, this app is also very well made with some really fun options for kids, including several activity pages (coloring pages, a maze, matching and more!) and a read-to-me or read-to-myself story style. And then there are all the fun interactive objects tucked throughout the story. My kids love these, and can barely wait to turn the page before they begin tapping at the screen.

The Sam and Ben eBook app also includes some neat educational info, like color identification tied to touchable objects. Unfortunately, sometimes the objects aren’t so easy to manipulate or even tap correctly. So this app loses half a point for being a little frustrating at times.

Bottom line

Same and Ben is an amazing eBook app with a lovely story, solid lesson of acceptance and neat extras. A little bit of polishing could make this a 5-star app.

Sam and Ben are twins, which means they were once squished together inside their mama’s belly. But that doesn’t mean they are like two peas in a pod. They look different, they act differently and when they see the same object their imaginations take off in different directions! Beautifully illustrated, this book about twin brothers celebrates their differences as well as their similarities. Enjoy this wonderful interactive book with plenty of exciting interactions, activity games and great narration. Regular Price: $3.99