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  • Santa's Merry Band
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Santa's Merry Band is a great app for music lovers that allows children to explore various instruments and enjoy a variety of unique holiday songs.

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Santa’s Merry Band is another one of our featured apps in the Christmas & Holiday Apps For Kids post that is awesome for music lovers. This charming app is full of a variety of holiday themed songs that children can play along to with a variety of musical instruments. With musicians like KT Tunstall and the Indigo Girls, this app is great for the little ones who love music and want to enjoy a bit of holiday cheer this time of year.

Features include:

  • 8 Holiday songs
  • 20+ Instruments
  • Easy to use


Santa’s Merry Band is one of Mibblio’s awesome musical apps that features a variety of fun holiday songs for kids to enjoy. Upon first glance children will notice the bright colors and great illustrations that will appeal to little ones and the audio is outstanding. With 8 songs from a variety of musicians, this high quality app is one that should not be missed. The songs are fun, the interface is easy to use, and the developers have also included the words to each song for children to follow along which is great.


This app is not being reviewed for educational value.


Santa’s Merry Band is sure to provide a ton of entertainment for children as they tinker with the many instruments that are included. Not only is each song accompanied by the words for children to follow along, but there are also over 20 instruments that children can explore with each song as well. They have the option to see what it is sounds like to take out some of the background instruments for each song and add in their own. This app is one that is great for children who enjoy exploring music and the variety of sounds that are possible with different instruments. The songs are also unique than some of the more traditional holiday tunes and will get kids singing and playing for hours.


Priced at just under five dollars this app is a bit more than you might normally pay for an app like this, but when you consider the number of songs, musicians and the variety of instruments that can be used, the price is pretty fair. For parents who don’t mind the price, this app is sure to become a family favorite as kids sing and play for hours.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a nice job keeping the app safe and easy to use. With simple tap and touch functions, children can change instruments and remove some of the other instruments from the background music to see how it sounds. The developers have also made sure to protect the “parent” areas of the app. While the app is very easy to use and safe too, there is one thing that could be added to make it a bit more user friendly. Adding text highlighting with the words would make it easier for early readers to follow along with the song.

Parents will also be happy to know that there are no social media links or additional advertisements to worry about. Children can simply enjoy the wonderful story all on their own.

Santa's Merry Band is a great app for music lovers that allows children to explore various instruments and enjoy a variety of unique holiday songs.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars