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  • Sid the Squid
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Review Summary:

Engaging story follows Sid the Squid as he searches for the perfect career, but lacks interactive fun.

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David E. Derrick, Jr.’s first standalone book Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job has become a cute animated book. The story introduce kids to Sid, a squid who wanted to find the perfect job. He tries being a police officer, a fire fighter, and even a restaurant cook, before finding the perfect place to fit in. Kids get a chance to learn about lots of different careers and see lots of different animals as they read through this story.

Features include:

  • Read to Me option
  • Read to Myself option
  • Animated illustrations
  • Fun sound effects


When you learn that the author of Sid the Squid has worked with DreamWorks you come into the story with high expectations. Unfortunately the story doesn’t deliver DreamWorks quality animation. In fact, it offers very little animation at all, with just a few moving pieces as you transition from scene to scene and occasionally an image for kids to interact with. However, the illustrations are fun for kids to look at and the story is read clearly, although its pace may be a bit fast for kids and it lacks navigation tools to help them quickly return to favorite pages.


This title is not being rated for Education.


As kids read through the story, they’ll enjoy watching Sid try out different jobs. He walks dogs, he washes windows, he even works for the electric company. These different careers make for some fairly humorous images. While a bit lengthy, kids will follow Sid on his journey to find the perfect job and rejoice when he finally finds the place that is right for him.


Sid the Squid is priced at the same level as most animated eBooks. Unfortunately, it fails to offer the text-highlighting and interactive illustrations found in similarly priced eBooks for kids. It’s still a good read and a solid pick, but its not quite as exciting as many similarly priced books.

Child Friendliness

Kids who choose the “Read to Me” option may find the story narration moves a bit fast, making it a little hard to follow, but the “Read By Myself” option will work perfectly for other kids. Parents will also want to watch kids as they read because there’s no parental block on the info page and kids can tap on links to connect them to the author’s and developers’ websites.

Engaging story follows Sid the Squid as he searches for the perfect career, but lacks interactive fun.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars