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Help kids learn sight words through a series of six fun games with Sight Words - Learning Games.

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Recognizing sight words is a key skill for students in early elementary school. Sight Words – Learning Games helps kids learn the most important sight words through a series of six learning games. Kids in pre-k through third grade will have a fun time while developing an important skill.

Features include:

  • Learn sight words
  • Play fun games
  • Choose from 5 different levels
  • Hear positive reinforcement


Overall, the app runs well. On the main screen, the different games are organized in a table with a photo to represent each game. While kids will enjoy the games, the graphics and game actions have a lower quality feel than many early learning apps. Occasionally, after kids have played multiple rounds of a game, the sound may also go out. Restarting the app will fix the problem. The games do move at a good pace for kids and are game play is fairly intuitive.


Sight words practice is available at three different levels: PrePrimer, Primer, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and Third Grade. Kids just learning the words will do best with the word search and puzzle games. These will help them learn the words. In the other games, kids are asked to tap on a particular word as it falls. The game offers positive reinforcement as kids play and nicely encourages them to try again if they get a word wrong.


Kids can play six different games. The first game is a basic word search game where kids find sight words. As they go through the word search, the words increase in difficulty. There’s also a game where kids pop sight words to build an ice cream cone, a race with tortoises and hares, a pelican who eats fish sight words, puzzles, and a space cat and mouse game. The variety is fun for kids and the games are designed with kids’ interest levels in mind.


Within the app, parents and teachers will find six different games, as well as five different levels of sight words. Despite some quality issues, the app offers many opportunities for kids to practice the words.

Child Friendliness

At the bottom of the main screen, the info button leads to a page that contains two external links. One goes to the developer’s website. The other goes to a list of sight words. Otherwise, all of the content within the app is child-friendly and designed at their speed.

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Help kids learn sight words through a series of six fun games with Sight Words - Learning Games.

$ $2.99
Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars