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Simplex Spelling Phonics 3 App Review

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Advanced Phonograms offers many great features at a reasonable price. It is a high quality spelling app intended for kids ages 9 and older; perfect for home or school.

Advanced Phonograms is the fourth in a series of high quality spelling apps from Pyxwise Software. The app can be used to learn new words or to improve your current spelling abilities. A list of the words used in this app is available on the developer’s website.

This app does not offer the ability to create your own lists. While that feature is desirable to many it does not detract from the overall rating. Advanced Phonograms instead offers a broader scope to improving the spelling abilities and vocabulary of users.

Features include:

  • In-app tutorial
  • Over 50 spelling lessons, including more than 750 words
  • Ability to create up to 40 customized user accounts and track their progress individually

The design elements used in Advanced Phonograms come together nicely to create a positive learning environment; colors and sounds will not distract, narration is easy to understand and user feedback is always positive. A design that is likely to appeal to most in the targeted audience.

Advanced Phonograms offers an in-app tutorial as the first lesson. The lesson does a thorough walk-thru of how to use the app whether you are customizing it for your children or you are the end user.

Advanced Phonograms curriculum is built upon 750+ high frequency words divided into 52 lessons; lessons which have been organized by spelling patterns and levels of difficulty. Lessons become progressively more difficult as the user advances through them. The app offers the user flexibility by not requiring them to complete the lessons in order. They can easily choose the desired lesson or work through them in order; however, lessons do build on the skills learned in previous lessons.

In each lesson, words are spoken and used in a sentence, which is a must-have feature in spelling apps as it helps the user identify the context of the word. A plus for building their vocabulary, too! The user can repeat the narration as many times as needed or use the hint button for extra help.

With Advanced Phonograms parents and teachers have the ability to create and customize up to 40 user accounts and track each user’s progress, all from within the app. Customizations are things such as the number of times a word must be spelled correctly to be considered mastered, use of upper or lower case, an alphabetic or QWERTY keyboard and use US, UK or Canadian English spelling of words. Be aware that children do have access to the settings, tracking features and other user accounts.

This app is not being rated for entertainment, but by no means should it considered as boring.

Advanced Phonograms is a universal app loaded with features and content. The high quality design works well on either device. The ability to create and customize up to 40 user accounts makes this a great value for families or schools. With over 750 words it’s not likely that you will run out of content quickly; rather it is an app that has some longevity on your device.

The intended audience of the app is kids aged 9+. Advanced Phonograms is intuitive and easy to use for kids and adults. It does not contain in-app purchases or ads; the few external links are located on a menu where the user is not likely to be drawn to them.

Simplex Spelling Phonics – Advanced Phonograms
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