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A fun block-style word game helps kids learn a foreign language in SLWG - Study! a Language Word Game.

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Study! Language Word Game, SLWG for short, helps kids learn or practice a foreign language through a series of block-style word games. As kids advance through the levels, they learn more words. While the app focuses more on the game than the words, it still offers a unique way to help kids learn a language.

Features include:

  • Five different languages
  • Fun block word game
  • Multiple levels of play
  • Three modes of play


On the main screen, kids will find all of the app’s options clearly laid out. They can choose from three options: Story, Practice, or Survival mode. Each of the options gets progressively more difficult. Within each option, there are also multiple levels of play. As kids play, they may struggle a bit because of the app’s quality. Moving the letters can be a bit sluggish. However, the game is easy to figure out how to play. Developers also promote the old-school style graphics, but these actually prove to be somewhat of a negative, as they make the app look like it was made with a lower quality.


Kids can practice one of five languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese). While developers promote the learning aspect of the app, the real focus is on the block-style word game. Kids are encouraged to make words from their list, but they’re allowed to make any words they want. This takes some of the focus away from the educational value of the app. It also takes way too long for the correct letters to drop to form the given words.


In the game, kids must drop letters onto the board and move them to form words. The game itself is similar to many popular word games, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. As kids play, they’ll enjoy forming words and trying to figure out the best places to drop the blocks.


The app has the quality of a free word game, but it is not free to download. Parents or teachers looking for a way to motivate kids to learn a language may find it useful. However, for most students, there are better options out there.

Child Friendliness

After each round of play, the app invites users to share their score on Facebook. This feature is not protected by a parental block.

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A fun block-style word game helps kids learn a foreign language in SLWG - Study! a Language Word Game.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars