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SoGaBee’s Math Facts Fun: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division App Review

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SoGaBee’s Math Facts Fun is exactly what the name implies. Kids will enjoy using this universal app while improving their math fact skills. The app covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts 1 through 12. The many features for customizing how the app is used and progress tracking make it ideal for classrooms or home use.

Three options for working on math facts can be used; Flashcards, Multiple Choice and Fill In. In each of the sections kids can choose a character for the activity. All three characters, the robot, dinosaur or girl, are appealing to both boys and girls.

Flashcards is just that, only more fun than the cards we used as kids. This section can be used to learn or practice math facts. Math problems in this section can be presented with or without the answer. If working without the answer, the answer can be given quickly at the push of a button.

Multiple Choice is one way kids can test their knowledge. Similar to a quiz, users choose from four possible answers to the math problem. Each time a correct answer is selected a piece of the character is put into place; similar to a jigsaw puzzle. The quiz is terminated if three incorrect answers are given. The math problems answered incorrectly are added to the Tricky Problems List. A progress report showing the score, length of time it took to complete the quiz, each problem and how it was answered is available.

Fill In is similar to Multiple Choice except in how the answer is entered. In this section users will use the keypad provided to enter their answers. The keypad was easy to use even on the smaller screen of an iPod.

Custom Level allows you to choose which specific set of facts should be worked on and is available in each of the sections.

Tricky Problems List is also available in each of the sections. This list contains all math problems the user did not answer correctly. A problem will remain on the list until it is answered correctly three times in a row. The tricky problems are broken down into the same categories as the app.

Overall design of the app is appealing and easy to use whether customizing the app for end users or using it to improve your math skills. The app is not loaded with unnecessary interactivity, music or sounds that would distract users.

SoGaBee’s Math Fun Facts allows for multiple user profiles. This area is lacking some very important features. The ability to modify names once they have been entered and the ability to reset and delete profiles are a must for multiple user apps. Parents or educators may have a need to clear the results history and trophies sections also.

From the main page you can quickly view the results history and trophy room. The Results History shows the results from the quizzes taken in the Multiple Choice and Fill In sections. The Trophy Room displays trophies the user has earned for each of the sections.

We love kid-safe apps and this app is a great example of a kid-safe app. It does not contain in-app purchases, external links, ads or social media buttons.

Bottom line

SoGaBee’s Math Facts Fun is a universal app for learning and improving math fact skills in a fun and friendly environment.
Help your kids learn and practice their math facts table by playing this app. 3 game modes (flash card, multiple choice and fill in ) will help your kids learn and challenge them. Unlock levels and earn trophies. Custom level allow you to pick specific number(s) and operation(s) that you want to concentrate on. Tricky problems list keep track of all the problems that your kids are having difficulty with. Multiple profiles allow you to keep separate profile so each kid can keep track of their own result, progress, trophies etc. Ideal for classroom usage.

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SoGaBee’s Math Facts Fun: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
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