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Sparky the Shark – A Frighteningly Funny Adventure is the first storybook by Biscuit Interactive. Sparky, a vegetarian shark, embarks on a journey of self discovery with penguin friend Dax. It saddens Sparky that people are afraid of him. He tries to change his appearance in time for the sand sculpture competition. Though Sparky’s grandfather encourages him to just be himself, Sparky does not discover this until a tragedy is about to happen during the sand sculpture competition.

After reading the iTunes description for this book, I couldn’t wait to read it. However, I was greatly disappointed to discover, during my initial review, that the read to me option was not working and that there are not as many interactive objects as I was expecting. The developer responded quickly to the narration problem and a new update is now available in iTunes. The narration is nicely done and enhances the user’s experience. Yes, there are some interactive objects, at least one, on every page. Sparky doesn’t do much more than move back and forth a little; even on the belly-laughing pages, Sparky doesn’t laugh as you would expect. Sparky’s friend, Dax, at least laughs some. The animations and sounds need some polishing in order for this to be a five star book. It’s a good start. The book does have a navigation menu, but it could be a bit cumbersome if you want to jump around pages. Design-wise, it would be ideal if the page navigation was a separate button on the screen where it could be easily accessed. Also, the addition of text highlighting would be beneficial for beginning readers.

On a positive note, the illustrations and story are nicely done. The illustrations are colorful, crisp, and clear; enhancing the story nicely. The story sends an important message to kids, and adults; being yourself is the best way to have people like you and for you to find true happiness.

One other option this book offers is an area for the kids to dress Sparky up in various disguises. There is also a Christmas version in a separate app: Sparky the Shark – Funny Christmas Disguises

Sparky the Shark – A Frighteningly Funny Adventure book is off to a good start. The story alone offers a great message.
In “A Frighteningly Funny Adventure” Sparky, a friendly vegetarian shark sets off to discover Magneto Island, an Island close to his underwater home. Decked out with his own special water breathing bubble (invented by his brainy penguin friend Dax) they embark on a belly-laughing escapade to find Sparky a “friendlier”, more acceptable identity, so people won’t fear him. Along the way, Sparky learns that he just has to be himself in order to be happy. Join Sparky on this frighteningly funny adventure as he searches for acceptance, despite his scary teeth.

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