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This high quality app not only combines two traditional board games, checkers and chess, but throws in an unexpected element of fun by adding dice. Previous knowledge of checkers or chess is not necessary.

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Available on the App Store

Stealth Checkers does a great job of combining two traditional board games, checkers and chess, and adding the unexpected element of rolling dice to determine how the pieces should move.

Features include:

  • Two game choices – Capture the king or capture all of the opponent’s checkers
  • Two methods of game play – Player vs. Player or Player vs. the Computer
  • In-app instructions


This high quality app is intended for kids aged 7+ and adults. Stealth Checkers is easy to use and navigate. While in a game, it is easy to exit back to the main menu or pop into the in-app instructions. I would like to have seen more than a poor quality pop up once the game was finished – but that is such a minor point to an otherwise great game.

The in-app instructions provide enough instructions that non-chess players are able to quickly pick up the game. An option for narration of the in-app instructions may be useful for younger users as they may not be proficient readers.

The only sound in the game is of the dice being rolled. The app does not contain background music or sounds for feedback.

All of the design elements come together nicely to make this an enjoyable game whether playing against the computer or a friend.

While we are not rating this as an educational app, it could be used for more than just entertainment. It could be used for working on turn taking, decision making and more.
Stealth Checkers offers two game choices; Capture the King or Capture All of the Opponent’s Checkers. Both games use the same rules and concepts.

In addition to the two games, the user has two choices of how to play the games; Player vs. Player or Player vs. the Computer.

Regardless of the game chosen, two dice are used to control movement of the checkers. One dice determines which chess piece the checker will imitate; not all traditional chess rules apply so experienced chess players may want to check out the in-app instructions. The second dice is the standard numerical type that we are used to; however, the chess piece dice impacts how the second one is applied.
Stealth Checkers is easy on the pocketbook. This app could entertain the family for hours. It allows these two beloved games to be played in a unique way and on-the-go. Traditional chess and checkers aren’t easy games to play in the car.
This app is completely child-friendly; it does not contain in-app purchases, ads, social media or external links. Hooray!

Available on the App Store