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Kids will never look at a car wash the same way again after joining Storm & Skye on their magical adventure.

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Kids ages 5 and over have a new cast of characters to follow on their Apple devices – Storm & Skye. These two children go on a series of adventures in this illustrated audio chapter book series. This first adventure in the series takes the two characters to a mysterious car wash where they encounter a host of magical creatures, including a dragon and a knight. While the story itself lasts around 45 minutes, it’s divided into 9 different chapters, allowing kids to listen to it all at once or enjoy it a little at a time.

Features include:

  • Animated illustrations
  • Entertaining background music
  • Organized by chapters
  • Engaging narrator


Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash feels more like an animated movie or cartoon than a storybook. As kids listen to the story, they’ll see a host of animated illustrations that help them understand the narrative. Unlike other animated storybooks, kids can only interact with the animations at the end of each chapter. The interactivity is a bit disappointing, as it focuses more on subtle reactions to kids’ taps, but that doesn’t spoil the quality of the rest of the app. In general, the story is full of colorful images, movie-quality background music, and a highly entertaining narrator to keep kids focused on the story.


While the words for the story don’t appear on the screen, kids will still build reading skills as they listen. The narrator reads the story with a lot of emotion and the background music helps set the scene. Unlike animated movies, the animated illustrations in Storm & Skye are simplistic, while still being beautiful, and move slowly, so kids can focus on the story that is being told. The story is arranged into 9 different chapters with a pause between each chapter so kids do not become overwhelmed and can take a break between chapters to digest the information. This pause also gives parents and teachers the opportunity to ask questions about about the story before moving on to the next chapter.

“When you’re afraid to do something, that’s when you should do it” is a piece of advice that is repeated several times in the story. In addition to building reading skills, kids will learn lessons about how to handle fear as the characters fight the dragon. They’ll also Storm and Skye work with one another, helping them understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation.


Never has traveling through a car wash been filled with so much suspense. Kids will want to move from chapter to chapter to see what happens next. They’ll wait in anticipation as they watch Storm and Skye sneak into the car wash and wonder what unique creatures they’ll find there. From fear to excitement to wonder, kids will experience a range of emotions as they read through this story. They will tremble with Storm and Skye as they encounter a dragon, sigh in relief when a knight appears, and then join the characters to help conquer the dragon on their own.


The story offers a great value for all that it offers. Kids will get a high-quality, engaging story with animated illustrations. Since the story is divided into chapters, it’s an app that kids can enjoy over a series of days. Of course, they’ll like the story so much they’ll want to read it again once they’ve finally finished it all.

Child Friendliness

While kids can easily read the story on their own, parents will want to read along with them. They can ask questions in between chapters and also handle a couple of iffy situations that arise. For example, one of the characters in the story smokes a cigar, which may be a bit off-putting and unnecessary.

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Kids will never look at a car wash the same way again after joining Storm & Skye on their magical adventure.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars