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Introducing Subtracting Sardines HD, the follow up to Operatio’s Adding Apples. Help your children practice subtraction skills on-the-go with this vibrant, kid-friendly app.

How To Play

With the help of one friendly penguin, and a whole lotta sardines, practicing subtraction goes from boring to fun.
Your child will choose two numbers to subtract, numbering from 1 to 9, from a calculator style input pad. For each number they push a set of silver sardines will populate the top of the screen. For example, if they push the number eight first, eight silver sardines will slide into the ice box.
The second number they tap turns the correct amount of sardines into skeletons. Your child counts the remaining amount of fish to get the correct answer. In the equal sign a friendly penguin will help guide them through the equations, or the app can automatically walk them through each step.

Interactive Fun

Not only does the penguin guide and cheer on your children, there is a lot of touch-friendly fun in this game. Each fish (fresh, frozen or skeletal!) responds to your child’s touch with in-app physics. So do the coins your child earns by answering questions correctly. It’s always nice to see a little play mixed in with all that math.

Track Their Progress

As an added bonus, a simple click of the coin icon will help you track your child’s progress. The app displays the total correct answers, incorrect answers and percentage of problems he got correct.

There are also bronze, silver and gold award trophies for completing a certain amount of problems correctly. It’s a nice touch.


Subtracting Sardines is a smart yet simple app that helps make learning to subtract fun for kids.

Subtracting Sardines is a fun learning experience with appealing and interactive 3D graphics. This new software is highly intuitive and with many elements to explore, discover and learn! The natural and logical interaction will help your child to develop a solid understanding of basic mathematics.


✔ Solve math subtraction from 1-9 right up to 9-9

✔ Count from -8 to 8, both visually and verbally (US English)

( For variation and to make sure all numbers are used and in different combinations, current keys are marked as done on correct subtraction. When all keys are marked they will reset )