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Join Super Abby as she saves the world by defeating the dreaded Enchanted Sweet Stall and encourages children to eat whole, healthy foods.

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Super Abby vs The Enchanted Sweet Stall is another app in our Healthy Eating Apps For Kids post that teaches children valuable information about eating well, exercise, and how to make good food choices. This super sister follows her brother around to figure out why he isn’t as healthy as he should be and uses her knowledge and super powers to get defeat The Enchanted Sweet Stall. This is a great app for children who love heroic tales!

Features include:

  • Narration options
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Fun storyline


Super Abby vs The Enchanted Sweet Stall has a comic book feel with fun music and sound effects that are well done. This heroic tale includes interesting and unique characters and simple interactive illustrations that help to bring the story to life as children read. The developers have also included helpful hints throughout the illustrations to help children interact with the story on each page which is great for young children. They have also made sure to create a user interface that is simple to move through and does not need a lot of instruction.


The developers have done a great job weaving educational facts into this adventuresome story so children can easily pick up the fun facts throughout. For instance, as Super Abby is doing her research about why her little brother was snoring so loudly she realizes that obesity can cause snoring which leads her to look into the possible causes of her brother being overweight. This and many other fun facts are sprinkled throughout the story in a way that is easy to understand and learn. As children see the poor eating habits of Abby’s brother, they will quickly learn how to make better choices about what foods to eat and getting good exercise instead of giving into The Enchanted Sweet Stall.

While the developers have done a nice job including a variety of fun facts about healthy eating, one thing that is missing is text highlighting. Adding this feature allows children to work on their reading skills as they follow along with the narrator and not having it in this app is a bit of a disappointment especially when most of the digital storybooks offer text highlighting.


For children who love comic books and uniquely illustrated stories this app is highly entertaining. The sound effects and super hero theme are great and as children follow along with the narrator or read to themselves they are going to love the simple animation throughout. This is one story that is both educational and entertaining.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is a good deal. With fun facts, unique illustrations, and an entertaining story, the price is just right. And when you consider how much children are going to learn about eating healthy and staying away from sweets, parents will quickly find this to be a good value.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a great job making sure this app is not only easy to use, but safe too. There are arrows at the bottom of each page to help direct children to the next page as well as circles that appear above various interactive illustrations so children are guided to tap and touch the area. Parents will be happy to know that there are no social media links, in-app purchases, or advertisements to be concerned about making this an extremely safe app.

Join Super Abby as she saves the world by defeating the dreaded Enchanted Sweet Stall and encourages children to eat whole, healthy foods.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars