The Best End-of-Year Teachers’ Gifts

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Teachers are unquestionably some of the most important people in our children’s lives. Not only do they teach our children, but they love and nourish them every day, just as we do. Teachers don’t choose this career path for the salary or the recognition. They do it because they love our kids, and they love helping them grow. It’s hard to show them how much we truly appreciate them, but these gifts are great ways to express our gratitude to some of our greatest heroes.

Amazon Gift Card
Most teachers end up spending an extraordinary amount of money on classroom supplies – usually out of their own pocket. Why not give them a gift card to offset some of that cost? They will truly appreciate the gesture, and they can choose to use it on supplies for the next year, or to buy something special for themselves.

Movie Basket
Who doesn’t like to go to the movies? With supplies that you can find at most dollar stores, you can create a movie basket that will be sure to put a smile on your little one’s teacher’s face. Add some popcorn, soda, candy, and a gift card for a movie rental or a gift card to an actual movie theater.

Gift Card Bouquet
This is a great idea for a class to do together. Ask each child to contribute what they can, and purchase small gift cards to numerous places. Arrange in a bouquet and add a cute card signed by the entire class. Your teacher will feel very spoiled.

Personalized Stationary
With all the notes teachers are jotting down or sending home, personalized stationery is a fun way to get their messages out. This is one gift they are sure to use on a daily basis.

I Made A Difference
A must have book for any teacher. I Made a Difference is inspirational and will remind teachers why they chose this career in the first place. A great way to thank them for the differences they have made in our lives.

A quick and simple, yet incredible touching gift is a journal with a special message written inside by your child. In can be as simple as a thank you for something specific his teacher had done for him that year. It will warm his teachers heart, and bring a smile to her face every time she opens it.

Cute Classroom Sign
Teachers are always looking for fun things to hang in their classroom. How about a sign proving that they truly are a super hero? Let them know how powerful they really are, and how much good they are doing for our futures.

Foot Massager
After a long year of constantly being on their feet, teachers deserve a little relaxation. A fun foot massager is just the ticket. They can sit down and let the tension and stress magically leave their bodies.

Fun in The Sun Bucket

Kids aren’t the only ones who count down the days to summer vacation. Grab a beach bucket and fill it with fun items for the beach such as a towel, magazine, water bottle, and sunscreen. Create a cute card to add to it, and let their summer fun begin.

Orange You Glad Basket
Create color themed baskets such as this orange one. Find fun objects in your chosen color, personalizing it to fit your child’s teacher. This is a great one to get your kids involved with. They will love the treasure hunt for objects in specific colors that they know their teacher will love.