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Send kids on a low-key adventure before bed while reading through this cute, interactive eBook.

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The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf takes kids on a journey in an airplane with Missy, the mouse, and Jacques, the cat. When the wind blows Missy’s scarf away, kids get to help the two animals find it and explore Costa Rica at the same time

Features include:

  • Three reading modes
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Opportunities to make decisions
  • Soothing bedtime music and fun sound effects


Beautiful watercolor illustrations serve as the background for Jacques and Missy’s adventure throughout this interactive eBook. Along with the illustrations, kids will get to listen to soft background music designed to get them ready for bed. The book itself offers many opportunities for interaction, but it moves at a slow pace. This pace works well for a bedtime story, but may frustrate young readers who want to move quickly through it.


Despite being designed for ages 3-8, the story doesn’t offer an narration, which will make it difficult for the younger audience to read and follow along on their own. What it does offer is a lot of information to supplement the text, including a facts section with definitions and discussion questions, as well as lots of additional details for grown-ups. It also includes pop-up words to describe many of the pictures kids see as they read.


Since The Mystery of the Red Scarf is designed as a bedtime story, it won’t have kids jumping with excitement. In fact, the soft background music may be enough to lull them to sleep. Those who resist sleep will still find a cute story and plenty of activities to keep them entertained, including mini games and the ability to unlock mini books and other surprises.


For a standard interactive eBook price, The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf offers a lengthy bedtime story, along with plenty of interactive opportunities for kids. Unlike many interactive eBooks, it doesn’t offer audio narration, but it does offer mini games and decision-making opportunities for kids.

Child Friendliness

The pace of the story and the lack of narration may turn off some kids. As they read through they may also find it difficult to determine what to tap on to get the story to advance. Kids will, however, remain safely in the story and they’ll even get to choose how they experience it, opting to read just the story, see just the facts, or just view the pop-up words, or view a combination of the three on each page. They’ll also get many opportunities to make decisions as they go through the story, such as choosing how Jacques and Missy travel and which roads they take.

Send kids on a low-key adventure before bed while reading through this cute, interactive eBook.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars