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Timmy Tickle is a digital board book designed for toddlers and preschoolers; however others will find it irresistible, too. This iPad app is sure to entertain kids of all ages.

I would compare Timmy Tickle to what we refer to as a board book, rather than story book, due to its small amount of text per page and rhyming phrases. The phrases are silly and fun; sure to produce giggles from the readers.

Timmy is an adorable octopus who draws the reader in to interact with him on each page, from tickling Timmy to playing nursery rhymes on a xylophone and finally turning out the lights. Read to Me and Read to Myself options are available. The Read to Me contains highlighting of the text, a line at a time. Interactions and narration can be repeated easily.

My testers especially loved playing the four nursery rhymes on the xylophone and turning out the lights, turning out the lights is a great way to end the book. If the lights are turned back on, Timmy wakes up.

Navigating between pages, and back to the main screen, is very easy. Page arrows are available on each page, as are buttons for moving quickly between the pages and coloring book. The buttons are discretely placed where they should not be too distracting to young users.

Coloring pages are also available in the app. Kids, of all abilities, are able to color or paint the pages, which can then be saved to your device Photos directory.

The developers definitely had their young users in mind when designing the interface of the app. It is super simple and easy to use. If the kids are not sure what to do with the interactions a small guide appears on the screen to show them where to touch or what motion to use with their fingers; such as when washing the dishes they can make a side to side motion for washing rather than just touching the bubbles to pop them.

Timmy Tickle does not contain in-app purchases or ads; external links and social media buttons are located on the information menu. If the kids do push the information menu button and get to the social media buttons, they are not taken immediately out of the app, but instead prompted with a warning that this action will exit the app. The targeted audience of the app cannot read the warnings; hopefully, these safeguards will prevent them from going to the unwanted location.

An iPhone version is available in iTunes.

Bottom line

Timmy Tickle is a lot of fun packed into a simple and easy to use app; most importantly, it is absolutely delightful!

A rollerskating, nursery rhyme playing, counting octopus who loves to wash up, dress up and pretend to be fruit! Timmy Tickle is perfect for toddlers aged two to four, who can play, learn and create with the adorable octo-hero.

To watch the app promo video and find out how the app was created visit http://www.nimblebean.com/index.php/about/

Timmy Tickle is $1.99 on iPad ($0.99 on iPhone) and without advertising or in-app purchases.


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