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TJ’s Picture Dictionary is a fun way to introduce children to new words. Utilizing a three-pronged educational approach, this iPad app lets kids see, hear and learn about 175 basic terms, from circus to dad and the number five.

After an introductory page with a few fun promotional videos, the app displays thumbnail pictures and their corresponding words, making good use of the iPad’s expansive screen. Every time your child touches a picture a window pops up with a larger version of the picture. A corresponding sound plays immediately, then the app’s narrators tell your children a little bit about the item. The sound plays again, and your child can either close the box (although the close button is a bit small for my liking) or tap any other picture to keep going.

This app was a big hit with the toddlers in my house. They loved the bright pictures and touching their favorites over and over to hear the sound they make. They also loved the intro videos on the app’s main page, one is a fun alphabet song and the other introduces kids to TJ and Pals, a group of animated school supplies who sing and dance and generally act adorably. Unfortunately TJ and Pals only appear one more time in the app, under the “Pals” entry, and each of the videos end in a promotional pitch for the TJ and Pals website.

TJ’s Picture Dictionary is well made and a lot of fun. I do wish it didn’t have so many links that lead out of the app (there’s a link to the TJ’s World app, which is free, on all the main app pages).

Bottom line

Despite a few self-promoting features, the TJ’s Picture Dictionary is a big hit with the kids and great for developing basic verbal and written cognition for common words.

TJ’S PICTURE DICTIONARY is a fun way for children to learn and understand word definitions. When you tap on any picture in the dictionary – it immediately enlarges, with a defining sound effect! Kids love it!

TJ’S PICTURE DICTIONARY has 175 INTRODUCTORY WORDS – all clearly defined in alphabetical order.

TJ’S PICTURE DICTIONARY – a fun way of learning what words mean – by seeing, reading, and hearing!

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