Top 10 Kid’s Magazines

Best Magazines for Kids

Magazines provide another reading avenue for kids to help them learn new things and expand their imaginations. The top 10 magazines for kids for 2017 is an eclectic collection designed to give children the chance to learn all kinds of fun and interesting stuff.

This fantastic list includes Sports Illustrated for Kids, American Girl, Highlights For Children, Ranger Rick, National Geographic Kids, and Discovery Girls. Each magazine provides a treasure trove of information, with some including educational activities such as crosswords and riddles. Magazines such as Highlights feature reader-submitted stories that may inspire your younglings to pick up a pen and paper.

The top 10 kid’s magazines give your children a break from books but still provides a healthy dose of reading. It’s basically a win-win, yes? Keep your kids reading no matter the time of year…they may even ask for a magazine subscription for their birthday or Christmas!

What’s here: This fantastic compilation of the 10 best magazines for children was created by real moms and educators who enjoyed these books themselves or taught them in class. Numerous types and themes of magazines are included in the list to keep your youngin’ stimulated.

For shoppers: Purchasing any of these high-quality book options is easy–just visit Amazon! Please note that we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.  Also, note that our recommendations are 100% made because we love the companies and products and are never influenced in any way by any commission we may receive.

What’s Here:

1. Sports Illustrated Kids
2. Highlights High Five
3. Ranger Rick
4. National Geographic Little Kids
5. American Girl
6. Highlights For Children
7. National Geographic Kids
8. Chirp
9. Discovery Girls
10. Boys’ Life

1. Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated KidsAges: 9 – 12

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For 2017, first place among the top 10 magazines for kids is Sports Illustrated Kids.

Sports Illustrated Kids is loaded with heaps of fun facts and cool information about the best sports players in their respective industries.

From baseball and basketball, to hockey and cricket, this magazine is the all-encompassing, kid-friendly guide to global sports.

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2. Highlights High Five

Highlights High FiveAges: 4 – 8

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One of my personal favorites – Highlights High Five comes in at #2 of the best kids’ magazines in 2017.

This magazine has been around for several years, skyrocketing to the top rank for one of the best kids’ publications.

There are lots-a games and educational activities, like crosswords, mazes, and riddles, but also reader-submitted stories, comics, pictures, and artworks.

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3. Ranger Rick

Ranger RickAges: 7 and up

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Third place on this year’s list is occupied by Ranger Rick.

For youngsters who love the great outdoors, Ranger Rick is a monthly magazine about animals, forests, world news, and all things nature.

There are fun activities for both kids and families, like camping, as well as stories, contests, and photographs.

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4. National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little KidsAges: 0 – 3 years

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Another familiar “face” also makes it to the best magazines for kids this year – National Geographic Little Kids.

National Geographic Little Kids is an innovative, ads-free magazine that features lots-a great activities, all age-appropriate and tailored to kid-friendly interests.

There are matching games, riddles, and creative facts galore.

This magazine, like the original, is dedicated to nature news.

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5. American Girl

Ages: 8 – 12

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American Girl magazine comes in 5th on the “best of” list for 2017.

I looove American Girl magazine because it focuses on self-confidence, independence, hobbies, and interests.

Instead of the “hottest” celebrities, boys, or makeup advice, AG teaches girls how to care for themselves, both emotionally and physically.

Must-read for surly, sassy girlies.

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6. Highlights For Children

Highlights For ChildrenAges: 6 – 12

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We still subscribe to this one after years and years… Highlights For Children also takes its place among the top children’s magazines this year.

Highlights has been around for quite some time—so long, in fact, that I remember receiving these in the mail when I was a kid.

It was pure excitement for weeks until the next issue arrived.

This magazine has only gotten better with dessert recipes, hidden pictures, and reader-submitted artwork.

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7. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic KidsAges: 6 – 14

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Next up on the list – National Geographic Kids.

For animal-loving kiddos, this version of National Geographic is kid-friendly, but older youngsters (like 8-12).

There are challenging mazes, riddles, and other games, alongside jokes, fun facts, and important news on worldwide nature and animals. Also includes at-home science projects

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8. Chirp

ChirpAges: 3 – 6

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Fun! Chirp magazine comes in as one of the top picks for this year.

Chirp, a new kid-friendly magazine from Canada, celebrates imagination and creativity with reader-submitted stories and artwork.

There are also interactive puzzles and mazes, as well as fun DIY crafts, at-home projects, and age-appropriate jokes.

Lovin’ the colorful, funny magazine covers.

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9. Discovery Girls

Discovery GirlsAges: 8 and up

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Discovery Girls comes in at #9 on the list.

Another confidence-boosting must-read for girlies, Discovery Girls is packed full of inspiration for artsy crafts and fun DIY projects, like bracelet-making, pottery, or photography.

There are also reader-submitted embarrassing moments, hobby encouragement, great ideas for every season, and hygiene advice

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10. Boys’ Life

Boys’ LifeAges: 6 – 17

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The final addition to the top ten list of kids’ magazines this year is Boys’ Life.

Boys Life covers everything little lads might enjoy, like sports, video game reviews, and outdoor activities.

As with the other magazines in this list, there are reader-submitted stories and comics, as well as science project, worldwide (kid-friendly) news, and history.

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