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Reading, recognition and fun take center stage in the Trunky Learns Letters app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Through a simple touch interface your child will lead Trunky, the letter collecting elephant, through a maze of flowers and evil turtles on a mission to spell out some seriously important words.

There are over 220 words straight from the Dolch list for children to learn and spell in Trunky Learns Letters, and three different levels of difficulty giving the game wide appeal.

Dolch words come from a list compiled by Dr. Edward William Dolch. They are considered service words, that is, some of the most common words found in the written language, many of which must be learned by sight, or memorized.

This app really does make learning words fun. A word will be read out loud and appear on the screen. Then it’s up to your little one to guide Trunky to all the letters in the word by touching the screen. Each time a letter is collected they will hear the letter aloud. Once all the letters are collected Trunky holds an on-screen celebration.

Utilizing bright graphics, an upbeat soundtrack and leader board, Trunky Learns Letters is a very fun game your child will actually enjoy playing. What better way to give your child a learning advantage? Learning and gameplay is appropriate for children ages 4 to 6, and is designed to supplement a typical literacy program.

A few features are missing, such as an in-app audio control, but overall Trunky Learns Letters is a high quality app your child is sure to love.

Bottom line

Trunky Learns Letters is a steal at just $1.99 from iTunes. Be cautious about the “More Games” button on the first screen.


Our team has developed Trunky Learns Letters, a fun new educational app for kids to practice spelling. Trunky, the cute elephant, collects letters while running through the forest- avoiding perilous turtles and trying to catch bonus flowers- to spell words. It gradually becomes more challenging – both in game play and target words. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.upsidedowngames.eu

Also available on Android:

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